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Juicer, Blenders and Getting Healthy?


Dear Dr. Schulze,

Which juicer do you recommend and which is your favorite juicer?

— H.H.


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Dear H.H.

There are so many GREAT juicers, and I own most of them. So I often tell people to try them all. Sure, this could be expensive, but… one of my old patients and a great friend, George, went out and bought a very expensive juicer many years ago, I think it cost him $2,000.00. Many of his friends were shocked and remarked that this was a huge amount of money to spend on any kitchen appliance, even a stove or a refrigerator. His reply to these negative-thinking friends was awesome and inspiring. He said, “I am actually saving money, if not making money!” He said, “If making healthy, fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juice and drinking it every day prevents disease and prolongs my life, and therefore keeps me out of the hospital just one day, I have broke even on my investment. But, if it keeps me out of the hospital two days, I have doubled my money. And, if it keeps me out of the hospital three days or more in my entire lifetime, well, then it is outperforming my best mutual fund, any bank’s interest or CD’s, in fact, it will outperform any asset I have, including the increased value of my house. This will make it the best investment I have ever made!” His friends shut up.

Anyway, back to juicers. Here are a few juicing words of wisdom. I always suggest pulp ejector juicers. These are juicers that eject the pulp as you juice. The simple reason for this is that with this type of juicer you can keep juicing, and juice large quantities of juice, because the juicer ejects the fibrous pulp and you keep juicing. This is especially important if you are doing any type of juice fast or juice flush program, or any of my 5-Day Detox Programs or my 30-Day Detox Program or my Incurables Program, where you need lots of juice. With a juicer that ejects the pulp as you juice, well, as I said, you can just keep on juicing. When I am juicing a lot, sometimes I only clean my juicer every other day or so, because with this type of juicer you are constantly running your fruits and vegetables through it.

Of the pulp ejector juicers, I often suggest the Champion Juicer, which is very easy to use, very easy to clean, and is built so sturdy, with such a huge motor on it, well, your grandchildren will inherit it from you. I have a few that I have owned for well over 30 years and used them to run healing weekends. I used them to make juice for 30 or 40 students, and ran them until they were red hot, and they still work great. I have broken and worn-out a few of the attachments on them (there are only about four parts, and the company sells inexpensive replacement parts.)

There is another pulp ejector juicer called the Green Power that may make a little better juice than the Champion when it comes to dryer vegetables, but it has a lot of parts and is harder to clean. But I still own one. (The Champion Juicer also comes with a simple “blank plate” attachment that makes nut butters out of nuts and fruit ice cream from frozen fruit.) So if you are only going to only buy one juicer, I highly suggest the Champion.

Their website is www.championjuicer.com, and on their website you will see REPLACEMENT PARTS listed on the very top of their list, although you won’t need any for a decade or two. It has a very huge and powerful 1/3 horsepower motor and it only costs $239.00 and only 20 bucks more for the Heavy-Duty Commercial Unit ($259.00), which I would suggest. (By the way, I have no financial connection with this, or any of the following companies, and I don’t get any kickbacks from them). They simply make a great juicer that works great, and has helped improve the lives, and save the lives, of tens of thousands of my patients all over the world.

I would stay away from the many centrifugal juicers that do not eject the pulp and spin around in a circle. They work fine, and make fine juice, but with all of these types you have to stop juicing after about a quart of juice (or less) and clean the juicer out, what a drag. This is not very practical and most people will get very tired of this really soon, and go back to drinking soda pop and beer.

The third type is the hydraulic pressing juicer like the famous Norwalk from its namesake Dr. Norman Walker. These types of juicers first grate the vegetable or fruit, then you put it into a sack and press the juice out of it, the same way our grandparents made wine and apple cider. These juicers usually make the very best juice. This is the same basic way I make my herbal tonics, cold brewing them, and then pressing them in huge 25,000-pound herbal hydraulic presses. This will extract more juice than any other method and give you the finest quality juice. But, these juicers are often very expensive, like a little over $2,000 dollars compared to the Champion at around $250, so for many people they are financially out of reach. Also, they are a bit harder to clean and take a little longer to operate and may not be worth it for some people. On the other hand, they are awesome, and remember what my friend George said at the beginning. Check out their website, www.nwjcal.com, it is very interesting and informative and will tell you a little about Dr. Norman Walker, one of my personal Health and Juice Gurus.

One more great kitchen tool, besides a juicer is a great blender. Now I have many $20 blenders and I beat the shit out of them and they work great. I also have an industrial blender or super blender called a VitaMix. This is a very powerful blender in which I make raw soups, nut milks, dressings, and all sorts of drinks and even herbal concoctions. It is so powerful it can liquefy just about anything. I have tried to break mine for years and in spite of me, it is still running. I have found my VitaMix to be a great addition to my kitchen, and more importantly, a great addition to help me make all sorts of healing and healthy foods and drinks. Check it out at www.vitamix.com.

Finally, healing any diseases, and then Creating Powerful Health, means having a great kitchen, with lots of fun kitchen tools—from juicers, blenders and food processors, to great knives and utensils and fun plates, bowls, wooden spoons and silverware. It also involves having a GREAT IMAGINATION, not being afraid to experiment, not being afraid to fail and not being afraid to make a little mess. So get in your kitchen, HAVE FUN and make some great food and drinks and GET HEALTHY!

– Dr. Schulze

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