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Having a Healthy Pregnancy


Dear Dr. Schulze,

My daughter in law is pregnant with her second child. She nearly died having the first one and I’m concerned about this pregnancy. She had preeclampsia and they had to take the baby 9 weeks early via pitosen. What would you recommend to help her live through this pregnancy?

— Star A.


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Dear Star,

Just so everyone understands, an average pregnancy last about 280 days or 40 weeks or a little over 9 months. For medical purposes this is usually broken up into three divisions called trimesters of three months each. During the third (last) trimester, some women have complications and develop serious and sometimes life-threatening physical problems such as preeclampsia, which is hypertension (high blood pressure), edema (swelling from water retention) and kidney failure. These can progress to (eclampsia) which is convulsive seizures, coma and sometimes, even death. Eclampsia is rare, but Preeclampsia has become all too common and the hospitals love it. It is a huge money maker for them if you have to be hospitalized in the last month of your pregnancy, or they have yet another excuse to perform an expensive Cesarean Section, or do both, hospitalization and the surgical removal of your baby. Again, it is a huge moneymaker for them, but not a nice experience for a mom to welcome in her new baby, not to mention a dangerous one.

The prevention for preeclampsia is very simple, it is just plain common sense, and as always, the cure for it is a little more difficult. So let me explain.

My practice was in the anorexia and bulimia capital of the world, Hollywood, where my typical model and actress patient would starve themselves routinely and always thought they were at least 10 pounds overweight no matter how skinny they actually were. And my swimsuit models, well, they could have been poster children for starving African nations. If and when they got pregnant, they (like most women today) would consider this a “wholesale license” or “open-season” or excuse to “pig out” and eat anything (pickles and ice cream), and in any amount. This is the one time in our civilized society that it is supposedly acceptable for a woman to eat a lot of food (and get fat) because now she is “eating for two”. This ignorant attitude gets many expectant mothers, and their babies, into a lot of trouble and often into preeclampsia. For many women, it is also the beginning of adding 20 or 30 pounds of fat to their body that they never get rid of and drag around for the rest of their life, to their and their husband’s dismay. Many women never look the same again after pregnancy.

I used to have to give ALL of my pregnant female patients very stern talks about eating wisely during the first two trimesters of their pregnancy, so they wouldn’t be in hell and not be able to breathe during the last trimester. I cannot tell you how many of my female patients would put on twenty or more pounds in just their first trimester and brag to me how they were “showing” only to have me explain to them that their “baby” was still only the size of a pinto bean even though their belly was the size of a watermelon. The bottom line is this: Every extra pound that you put on in the first or second trimesters, will come back to haunt you in the third trimester.

This is because, when that baby (fetus) is now almost full grown and still inside you, you will feel full and heavy enough, but if you are 10, 20, or 30 pounds or more overweight, you will feel like a stuffed pig, have a hard time breathing if not walking, and may end up having all sorts of physical problems, even preeclampsia, which can be dangerous to both you and your baby and have you both end up in the hospital.

REMEMBER, a great weight gain in the first trimester (the first three months) is only 2 to 5 pounds. For your entire pregnancy a typical healthy weight gain is between 25 and 30 pounds, 35 pounds ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM. (In my clinic I would try to keep it to 25 pounds.) Many women gain that in the first trimester, and now they are in for a lot of trouble during their last trimester.

My great female patients that listened to my advice, ate healthy, and stayed in good physical shape, continued to exercise and stretched, walked, did yoga and kept on their feet and kept working up until the birth, all had much easier pregnancies, very healthy third trimesters and very easy labors and births compared to those women who ate out of control, gained too much weight and stopped exercising, stretching and working.

SO, THE CURE FOR PREECLAMPSIA IS PREVENTION and not getting overweight and out of shape in the first place. In fact, I use to make my female patients have to “earn their pregnancies” with preliminary cleansing, detoxification, health-building and getting really healthy and in great shape, FIRST! Then I would tell them they had my blessing to get pregnant. And, any woman reading this who has had a difficult time trying to get pregnant, CLEAN UP, get in great shape and great health, take 2 droppersful of my Female Tonic three times a day and in three months or less (and with a little help from your man), you will probably be pregnant, regardless of what your medical doctor said. This worked for 98% of my patients, even after numerous miscarriages, numerous abortions that left scarred uteruses, even after decades on birth control pills and numerous failed medical fertility treatments. GET REALLY HEALTHY AND YOU WILL GET REALLY FERTILE. And, for any woman that is really serious about wanting to get pregnant, along with the Female Tonic and healthy lifestyle program, I highly suggest my 30-Day Detox to get you powerfully fertile.

Unfortunately, in my clinic, and in life, it doesn’t always work this way, meaning the ability for a woman to get really healthy, clean and strong before getting pregnant. But this is no problem. If a woman discovers she is pregnant and not in great shape, it is not too late to do a physical, emotional and spiritual makeover. In fact, this can be a great way to bond with your new baby, while it is still a part of you, you can both get healthy together.

Women who are already pregnant should clean up their food program, and eat really healthy. If they have any health problems they should deal with them immediately and can use all of my herbal formulas, and do all of my 5-Day Detox programs during their pregnancy. Just do things with a little less intensity and use your good judgment and good common sense. It is better to get clean, healthy and strong during pregnancy than to try and create a living being inside a sickly, polluted and out-of-shape body.

That said, now what do we do if you are already pregnant, have had a history of miscarriages, problem pregnancies or preeclampsia and are overweight and out of shape and toxic? Well, you need to get to work right away at getting clean, healthy and strong.

First, get your weight normalized. If you are very heavy, put yourself on a reduced calorie weight-loss food program. Trust me, your baby can live off of your fat. Start using SuperFood Plus twice a day so you will get plenty of nutrition, not fat, for both you and your baby. Start juicing with organic fruits and vegetables, and start eating low-fat and high-quality foods. Next, you need to start exercising a lot, as much as possible, doing “safe for pregnancy” exercises, and also join a yoga class, or a pre-natal flexibility class and get yourself flexible and into great physical shape.

If you have had previous miscarriages, start using my Female Tonic right away, 2 droppersful three times a day during your ENTIRE pregnancy.

Then do my 5-Day Bowel Detox, and the next month my 5-Day Liver Detox, and the next month my 5-Day Kidney Detox, and get yourself clean.

This is basically my 30-Day Detox program, but I just want you to spread it out over 90 days, or an entire trimester, even over 120 days if necessary. This will not hurt you or your baby. Just use your good common sense and back off a bit on everything. Cut the dosages down if you feel really bad or feel it is too extreme for you.

Preeclampsia can be totally avoided and completely prevented with good, healthy and common sense living. I wish we were able to get your daughter healthy before she got pregnant, but there is no time like the present so let’s get to work getting both her and your next grandchild really healthy and happy.

– Dr. Schulze

P.S. I have hundreds of photographs in my office of babies that were born to women who were told by their medical doctor or OB/GYN that they would never be able to have children, some because of disease, others because of scar tissue, miscarriages, hormone problems, infertility, and others were told they were just too old and had already started menopause, AND ALL OF THEM ENDED UP HAVING HEALTHY CHILDREN because of this advice. Many of them call their kids “SuperFood Miracle Babies”.

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