Dear Amy,

ABSOLUTELY! Whatever it takes to get it into them. Disguising my herbal tonics in juice is the way I got most children to use my herbal tonics in my clinic. Try grape juice first, it is strong and covers up almost all of my herbal tonics. Apple juice works great too. You can dilute any of my herbal formulae in any juice to get it into your children.

For difficult and very fussy kids, I would even freeze this herbal juice into popsicles or have tea parties, whatever it takes. REMEMBER, your facial expressions and voice tones are very important when giving any herbal medicine to children, if you think it’s yucky, they will think it is too.

And remember my dosage rule for kids too: Put their weight in a fraction over 150, and then reduce that fraction and that is the percentage of the adult dose that is right for your child, or even for your pets for that matter.

So, if your child weighs 30 pounds, 30 over 150 = 1/5 of the adult dose. If your child weighs 50 pounds, well, 50 over 150 = 1/3 of the adult dose. And if your horse weighs 1500 pounds, 1500 over 150 = 10 times the adult dosage.

NEVER dose a child by age; it is too inaccurate. Always use my weight formula.

And thanks for doing a great job keeping your girls’ immune systems strong and educated.

– Dr. Schulze