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Prostate Removed with Erectile Dysfunction


Dear Dr. Schulze,

I had my prostate removed over 2 years ago and have been unable to sustain an erection, even with Viagra. Can your Male Formula help to alleviate this problem? I am 60-years-old and in good health and my follow-up visits show no sign of the cancer returning.

— Dan O.


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WARNING - CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT AND ADULT LANGUAGE, and is NOT appropriate for Children! It may also not be appropriate for anyone offended by swearing, slang, sex or sexual language.

Dear Dan

Unfortunately, Erectile Dysfunction often occurs after prostate removal, and many medical doctors do not disclose this or emphasize this enough prior to performing a prostatectomy. That said, I am sorry that you are experiencing this problem. (Any men who are reading this, who are already showing signs of prostate disease, BPH and are getting up to urinate at night, and want to avoid prostatectomy and erectile dysfunction, get on the program now and get started taking my Prostate Tonic 2 droppersful, three times a day, and stop eating animals and get healthy.)

Your answer is YES!

Start with taking the Male Formula, 2 droppersful, three times a day, but also include taking my Super Ginseng Formula at 1 to 2 droppersful, three times a day. If this is not enough, after 3 to 4 weeks, double this dosage of both tonics. You can also try a small amount of my Deep Tissue Ointment, and rub it onto your penis. In fact, it is often more effective if you have your sexual partner rub it into your penis.

Although this is socially unacceptable, make sure that your sex partner is exciting and arousing enough for you and that you actually want to have sex with them. This may seem like common sense or may be very uncomfortable for some people to hear, or even think about, and there may be many social, cultural and religious dogmas that get in the way. Nevertheless, if your sexual partner has really let themselves get fat, ugly, out of shape and has bad breath and a bad attitude, well, who would want to hang out with them, let alone have sex with them? AND THIS GOES FOR YOU TOO!

The reason I dare to say this is very simple, because I discovered in my clinic than many men who had erectile dysfunction, who were on pharmaceutical drugs—from beta-blockers and blood pressure medication to pain medication and hundreds of other drugs, or were having their ED from post surgery trauma—well, they discovered that they had no erectile dysfunction, or problem getting an erection, with a woman other than their wife or a younger woman. Look, we all know that sex for men isn’t all about looks, but it is a lot about looks.

Politically, culturally, socially or religiously incorrect as it may be, like it or not, many of my male patients who could not get an erection with their wife had no problem getting an erection and having great sex with their girlfriend, mistress, the babysitter, the maid, their secretary, a prostitute or a sexual surrogate. This brings up the fact that Erectile Dysfunction is more than just the physical blood flow to the penis, but has its many psychological factors from sexual attraction and arousal, to visual stimulus, to imagination and fantasy, to things we barely understand like hormones, pheromones and great tits and asses.

(Before any of you start writing your hate mail and “burn in hell” letters on this one, save your breath. I am just honestly reporting my clinical experience and observations. I do not judge; nor should you).

Love also helps us to physically have sex as we get older, but often this isn’t enough on its own.

I have found that a little erectile dysfunction in a long-term relationship or marriage can be a great blessing and stimulus to get both the man and woman back into getting healthy, getting into great physical shape and looking good. After all, sex is a physical workout, so stamina, endurance and flexibility are needed to perform well and to have a good time.

I have also found that spending some time apart can be helpful to rekindle a boring relationship. You don’t have to share everything, especially your bowel movement smell (this is why I include a bottle of Air Detox in my 5-Day Bowel Detox). Time spent apart can make the person you live with more special. You should both start doing some nights out with the boys, and with the girls, and some nights out where you don’t even tell your mate where you went. Who wants to have sex with the person who is bitching at you 24/7 or the person that you are bitching at 24/7. I would suggest to my patients to even create special “Date Nights” at least once a week where they would act more like they were on a date with their girlfriend or boyfriend than their wife or husband.

I would tell them to dress up, look sexy, smell good, go to a romantic dinner and eat very little food, build up some sexual tension and don't make love, but go fuck somewhere, like a motel or the backseat of your car. (Here comes more hate mail.)

You would be surprised what a “date night” can do to sexually heat-up a relationship that seemed dead, and save a marriage. And, it can be the “cure” for Erectile Dysfunction. (Guys, if you will do something “different” with a mistress or a whore, try doing this with your wife. You’ll have to trust me on this one.)


If you have Erectile Dysfunction you really need to do my 30-Day Detox Program, maybe even my Incurables Program!

In any case, it is time for a physical, emotional and spiritual makeover. It is time to get on a GREAT food program, avoid ALL alcohol, lose some weight and increase your exercise and flexibility programs.

Following this advice and using my herbal formulas brought hard erections back to my patients after prostate and other surgery, and all others with Erectile Dysfunction who thought that their sex life was over. So keep positive and get to work. You will find that your sexual ability was just sleeping, not dead. So get to work and get a big, hard boner.

– Dr. Schulze

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