Dear Anonymous,

I did use the “F” word, but I did not promote sleeping with whores. I actually encouraged people to make positive and healthy changes in their life to rekindle and encourage enjoying sex with their spouses again.

I also warned you not to read it if you are easily offended and I did ask you not to send me any burn in hell letters, but yours was too wonderful not to publish.

But first I must say that I don't want to be your savior, I am a teacher and a guide, there is a big difference. You have to save YOURSELF! I don't think I am perfect, but I am always perfecting myself. I do love myself tons and I think I'm awesome, and if I find that I am not right, I get right immediately, so that makes me close to perfect as possible. And I always warn people to stop putting me up on a pedestal and thinking I am a God. Having said that let me tell you my mission and focus as a Doctor.

My MISSION is to offer people an option, an alternative, to the standard practice of medicine, which is pharmaceutical drugs, hospitalization, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial pain, torture, mutilation and ruin that comes with it.

I do this through EDUCATION in Natural Healing Methods and Herbal Medicine. I do believe this is God's “Health Plan” and God's work.

My absolute FOCUS is to help people to GET WELL, NATURALLY, PERIOD! I do this through extremely clear communication.

In the clinic (and also currently) if I feel a slang word is appropriate to wake people up and make my point better, well, I will use any word that I think is necessary to get my point heard. To me, if the end result is someone healing themselves naturally, then I will use ANY means to help them achieve this goal. For decades in the clinic, I found that when people are ill and diseased, and in pain and misery, they don't hear very well. Their comprehension is not good either. I have found that a few well chosen and well placed “shocking” words, are an effective shock therapy to wake them up and get them to hear and understand my message. I am not apologizing for my means, in fact, I am not afraid of any words, I am only afraid of people who would like to censor them.

My focus has never been, and is currently NOT, to be politically correct, socially popular, or to please everyone, be overly polite or to preach any particular orthodox religious dogma (although I have my personal spiritual beliefs). Again, my focus is to help people HEAL themselves NATURALLY.

The first year in my clinic as a practicing doctor was not the easiest for me. I remember in the same week I had one patient that had finally healed their cancer by following my advice, and another whose spouse died. The first patient thought I was Jesus (and like you previously, thought I was their savior) and I felt quite proud and delighted with myself. The second patient (like you currently) thought I was the anti-Christ and I then fell into a depression. This was a very important week in my life and a very important lesson. I learned that if I was going to be an effective doctor, I needed to get my ego, my self-worth and my self-esteem out of the picture, and as the old saying goes, “Act without Concern for the Results”.

What I mean is that I know what I do is very effective at helping people Heal Disease and Create Powerful Health, but I have to stay removed and not emotionally attached to the results. The results are up to them. After all, I think everyone has the right to live as they choose. My focus is the clarity of my message to help people.

This is why I am not attached to your feelings for me before or your response to me after my comments.

Some of my patients that followed my programs and my advice, healed every disease known to man, including AIDS, Cancer, Alzheimer's, ALS, MS, MD, cleared Blocked Arteries, and healed thousands of diseases that medicine says are INCURABLE. Many of my patients lived decades beyond what their medical doctors had predicted, and many of them that were supposed to be dead outlived the same medical doctors that told them they would be dead. Many of my patients are still alive today who were told they would be dead in the 1970's and 1980's, decades ago. And, they ALL healed themselves naturally and without doctors. This is why my clinic became so famous. Some died.

But I have NEVER said that I have healed anyone, ANYONE. ALL of my patients HEALED THEMSELVES.

My point is that I took myself out of the healing equation. My patients healing or death, or anything in-between, was their RESPONSIBILITY, not mine. This is the blessing of Natural Healing!

I have no desire to change your mind or your negative and rude behavior. I only answered your question to illuminate and educate others.

And considering all of this, I still stand steadfast by my answer to Dan.

– Dr. Schulze