Dear C.J.,

I sure can, first get a copy of my CD, “GET WELL: How to Create Powerful Health” and listen to it. Side One is a message to you, and anyone who is on the path of healing and health illumination. Side Two is a list of twenty fundamental health tips, that are simple, but will STOP any disease in your body and START you on the path of Creating Powerful Health. My book, “Common Sense Health and Healing” has a very similar message and healthy tips, and I highly suggest it, but it is currently out of print, but I expect it to be back in print very soon. (Maybe you can find a copy on e-bay or The CD and book are both, THE Dr. Schulze Method.

Secondly, I wrote a new Rule Book for you, only it is one that YOU need to create and fill in the blanks, not anyone else. It is one that you need to follow, but you are also the leader. Creating Powerful Health NATURALLY is not somebody else’s program. Sure, you need to follow my fundamentals of Healing and Health, but these are general “Common Sense” health gems. But “fine-tuning” your actual personal lifestyle program should be based on what is best for you. It is a program of awareness, consciousness and responsibility. I know this might sound a little vague, but trust me, it is time for you to create your own healing and health program, so here it is…


Lesson #1: Create a NEW set of Rules Rule / noun / an authoritative principle to guide behavior or action

A great way to Create Powerful Health Naturally is to create your own personal Rule Book, or set of rules, to live your life by.

Don’t just accept and blindly follow: All the rules written by your parents, friends, neighbors or your community Or the ones taught by the school system Or the ones prescribed by your medical doctors, or even natural doctors Or the ones preached in the volumes and volumes of religious text Or the ones practiced by your culture or society Or the ones dictated by the government in the country that you live

Many of these rules may be good, some are even great, but others are definitely poison for your body, mind and spirit.

Here is just a small sampling of the ten thousand “bullshit” rules I received as a kid to give you an example of the “rule-cleansing” and “brain-washing” that you and everyone else needs to do, to be truly well.

“Eating red meat three times a day makes you strong.” — from my Dad. Dad also said that having one very hard bowel movement once a week is great. Dad said that hard was good, so you don’t have to wipe much. (He died at 55 of a massive heart attack.)

“Sugar is good for you, it gives you energy.” — from my Mom.

So I drank five glasses of Kool-Aid a day with three cups of sugar in each quart. (Mom died at 55 of a massive heart attack.)

“Having an erection is very bad, it means your penis is pointing up to heaven and that God is very angry at you.” — from my neighbor Frankie (Thanks a lot. I’m glad I cleansed that thought out quickly.)

“You will never amount to anything. You’re a bum.” — from my Jr. High School Principal, Cosmo Homet of Penfield, New York

“You will be dead by age 20.” — my Cardiologist

“You will never walk again.” — my Orthopedic Surgeon

“You will never have skin on your burnt hand.” — my Burn Specialist

“You will burn in hell for eternity.” — my Pastor

Do I need to go on????

These are just a small sample of the thousands of little gems I received from authority figures during my formative years. I am sure glad my inner voice is so strong I didn’t listen to them very well. I also proved them all wrong, and cleansed myself of their negativity and hatred.

So… Think for yourself, seek your own truths and create your own rules.

You must decide! Write your own personal Rule Book to live your life by. Sure, take all my rules, they are GEMS, but be flexible enough to constantly adjust, change or tweak any rules and make them better for you.

And dump any rules that you have collected along life’s journey that no longer support your higher consciousness, better awareness, positive growth, optimum health and ultimate happiness and well being, and that are not FUN!

Create a Rule Book that sets you up to successfully live a life filled with Fun, Laughter, Joy, Love, Passion, Energy, Health, Success, Excitement and Bliss!

This is how you Create Powerful Health, NATURALLY.

So let’s get the PARTY started!

– Dr. Schulze