Dear Shirley,

First, CONGRATULATIONS on completing my 30-Day Detox Program, especially being 73 years young. And, it sounds like you have developed a very healthy lifestyle too, GREAT JOB!

Next, please read my response below to Megan S. entitled “Trouble Losing Weight”.

Third, use some specific movements to “target” that fat belly. A few suggestions would be some sit-ups, trunk twists, side bends and squats and any movement that works your belly and abdominal muscles.

Shirley, you are not alone, many Americans have fat bellies. This is why there are so many infomercials on numerous at-home sit-up type machines. But the main way to dissolve fat is to lower your caloric intake by reducing the amount of fat and calories you consume, while simultaneously increasing your exercise and movement “output”, (your caloric burn). Doing this will dissolve the fat from your belly, and your entire body. It just takes time.

Oh yeah, and fourth, your 73 years young, so be sensible, take it slowly and build up your strength and stamina, AND HAVE FUN doing it!

Oh yeah, again, do my 5-Day BOWEL Detox. It is my most famous “Belly Flattening” herbal program.

Keep up your great, healthy and fun life,

– Dr. Schulze