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Dr. Richard Schulze: The Original Natural Health Revolutionary

Wisdom from one of the early pioneers of modern Natural Healing.

A Seasonal Message from Dr. Schulze

“To Everything, turn, turn, turn There is a Season, turn, turn, turn And a time for every purpose under heaven.”

Whether you follow the words of Pete Seeger, or the Byrds' 1965 folk-rock hit recording, or the scriptures of the Christian Bible or Hebrew Tanakh, or just the words of Ecclesiastes, the son of David or King Solomon, it does not matter to me. There are a thousand different ideas and translations of this writing that is thousands of years old. And, while some religious scholars say that this story is to remind us that our life is meaningless, others say that it is to remind us of just the opposite, to focus on the simple things in life like eating and drinking and remembering that life is temporary or transitory. It really doesn't matter to me, and anyway, I am way to wise to debate politics or religion with anyone, and what I am sharing with you doesn't come from either rock-and-roll or religion, but instead it comes from my heart.

Life to me is the greatest gift and blessing we shall ever receive while we are physically alive. This is it. You can live it to your fullest potential, squeeze every drop of life, out of life, be all that you can be and share your wonderful highest self with your family, friends and others, or you can shrivel, watch television, get diseased and waste away, it's your call. I heard someone say once that life is a terminal disease. I prefer to look at it more as a “limited time offer” so therefore I want to take full advantage of this incredible deal.

One technique I use to keep my consciousness and stay awake, so I remember to take full advantage of my gift of life, is through seasons. I find that years are too long for me to remember what I want, what I am doing and where I am going. But seasons, a check-in or checkpoint every three months, this works for me as it did for my patients. It also blends well with the planetary movements, such as the longest day and shortest day of the year and the midpoints of these. This is one reason I create a new Seasonal Report and Herbal Products Catalog, every season. It works for me therefore I have always counted my life in seasons. To me, the seasons are great bookmarks in my life. A new season is a wonderful time for me to pause for a few days and reflect on what I have done in the previous season.

I like to take a breath, and rest for a few days and do a cleansing program, usually one of my 5-Day Detox programs. What I receive from taking this break, and getting more rested and cleaner, is that I become more energized and much more clear and focused. This helps me to further sharpen my focus in life, to effectively do more of what I want and therefore get more of what I want to accomplish out of life. Four times a year I refine my self and my life, to create an even better me (and life) during the next season.

For me, the beginning of each new season is a time for reflection, healing and renewed focus. It is a time for me to make subtle shifts, minor adjustments and even some big changes that I need to sometimes make to get it even more on track with my goals of what I want. As I said, sometimes these adjustments are subtle, and sometimes they are huge. I prefer to make rock solid “baby steps”. In other words, I like to make small shifts and changes in my physical, emotional and spiritual life to keep nudging myself onto a more finely tuned path. But occasionally in my life, if I find myself out of balance or ill, I have had to make rapid dramatic life shifts, and these are great too. But, with most of my patients, if they weren't at death's doorstep with a deadly disease, I would prefer to take an entire season or three months to teach them a new healthier way of living, and then help them refine and perfect this new life over a period of years, if not their lifetime.

I find that most people I meet pay little attention to what they have created in life, and even less attention to what they want and where they are headed. This is called living unconsciously. These types of people are usually very surprised when they become ill or diseased, they didn't see it coming. These people are victims to life and usually believe that you can't change your fate, you have no control over life and that shit happens.

On the other hand, I pay a lot of attention. I like to live consciously and responsibly. I am aware that I want more than most people out of life. Therefore, I take full responsibility for my actions, from everything I eat, drink and think, to every word I speak. I also take full responsibility for my outcomes, and if I am not getting what I want, I make more shifts, adjustments and changes. It's that simple.

Life is a PERFECT reflection of everything you are doing, so if you don't like what you have created, CHANGE. You know, you reap whatsoever you sow. People will try to tell me that they really didn't create their dilemmas in life. Well, then who did? RESPONSIBILITY is the fundamental key word in Natural Healing, PERIOD. Look friends, I am not perfect, but I am constantly perfecting this thing called Dr. Schulze.

To me, the primary thing I want in great abundance in my life is Health. After all, without health it is hard to create my big list of desires, which are lots of Fun, Laughter, Happiness, Love, Passion, Gusto, and even more Fun. And besides my passionate love for living my life, I like to share my experiences with you, in my ever-continuing effort to Create Powerful Health and my crusade to preach the Gospel of Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine.

So, the following are a few healthy tips for you to consider at the beginning of this new Fall season, so you can join me in creating a successful finish to 2008 and creating an even more wonderful life in 2009.

FOOD. Eat more root vegetables like potatoes, beets, carrots etc., and start including more grains, nuts and seeds into your food program. As the weather turns colder you will need to consume more calories. Remember, when trying to discover what foods are seasonal, and therefore natural for you to eat this time of year, visit your local organic farmer's market, and talk to the farmers. You will know immediately what is right for you to eat.

ELIMINATION. Well. I often suggest that Fall as a great time to do a Kidney Detox, but any of my 5-Day Detox programs will do. First, it is very important to do a 5-Day Detox with every seasonal change. This time of year, a detox will help your body prepare for the cooler weather changes ahead, and get you ready and boost your immune system, for the Fall and coming Winter. When in doubt, or if you haven't done a detox in awhile, always start with my 5-Day BOWEL Detox.

MOVEMENT. This is a great time of the year for power walks and running outside, to enjoy all of the sights and smells of nature, and the robust, fresh air. Dress a little warmer, wear layers, and get out there and sweat. Also, remember to not be afraid to get wet. In fact, enjoy getting soaked once in a while, just don't get too chilled. Remember your flexibility too, because when it gets colder, your muscles will take a little longer to warm up, so be patient. As it gets colder, spend twice as much time with your warm up movements.

EMOTIONAL. Fall is a great time to check in with yourself and see what you have accomplished this year, because the year is three-fourths over, you are in the final stretch. So if you have not gotten what you wanted to create this year by now, GET FOCUSED, let's go, there is no time like the present to get on them and get your butt and your buts out of the way and just do it. While you are at it, check your house for any accumulated stuff that you have unconsciously acquired during this year and get rid of it. I like Spring Cleaning and Fall Trashing, so lighten the load.

Also, there is no time like now to start working on creating better self-esteem. You don't want to go into the holidays insecure and depressed, so do what you have to do RIGHT NOW to feel great about yourself. Nothing will raise your self-esteem higher and faster than a great detox program, eating healthier and increasing your body movement, which will lift your spirits and make you feel better, more alive and have more energy, AND feel a whole lot better about yourself.

SPIRITUAL. Well, the most spiritual time of the year for most people is just around the corner. Let's make this year the best year of your life when it comes to Fun, Laughter, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Love and Bliss. IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Let's not just use these words on our holiday cards. Let's give them some real meaning in our life by bringing these words into action.

Let's make this year end-up the most loving and happy year of your life, with your friends, your family and YOURSELF. You have three months left, so the time to get healthy-physically, emotionally and spiritually-is RIGHT NOW! See you there.

– Dr. Schulze

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.


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There Are NO Incurable Diseases

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20 Powerful Steps To A Healthier Life

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Create Powerful Health: 5-Day LIVER Detox

Inside this book, I show you how cleansing and detoxifying your liver and gallbladder will make the biggest healing difference in your life and create powerful, lasting health and vitality.

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Summer Survival Guide

My clinic was always packed in the summer, because (unlike most natural doctors) I TREATED EMERGENCIES. Inside this booklet, I tell you all the common summer sicknesses and injuries that I had to deal with, and what I used to relieve the suffering to help my patients heal themselves.

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