NOTE: Many people who don't have pets, also don't understand why I take the time to answer questions from pet owners while their relatives are dying. It is a simple answer-the cure is the same for Pets as it is for Humans. Also, I answer the questions in the same order they are submitted to me.

Dear Lisa,

First, SuperFood Plus was the best thing you could have done for your dog. I originally designed it for my patients with cancer. When you have cancer, you often have anemia. This is because your digestion and assimilation of nutrients is so bad, it is almost impossible to get nutrients into your blood. SuperFood Plus is so easy to assimilate, it starts getting into your bloodstream right in your mouth, long before your intestines. This is simply because of all the single-celled nutritionally dense plants in it. It wasn't until a few years after putting all of my cancer patients on it that I thought to put ALL of my patients on it.

My dogs also LOVE the tablets and think they are treats, what am I saying, THEY ARE TREATS! So your first instinct and treatment was awesome, MORE NUTRITION gives the body a much greater fighting chance to do anything it needs to do (like build more immune cells), and FIGHT this cancer. GREAT JOB!

I do not suggest Brewer's Yeast to people or pets, as it is often a byproduct of the brewing industry (hence its name), and is inferior nutrition. It is also often active and can cause all types of digestive problems for humans and pets. So great that you moved up to SuperFood Plus.

Second, the Detox Formula was my clinical treatment for cancer, so it was also a great choice. Although I can't say that it cures cancer, if you read between the lines in my Seasonal Reports and Herbal Products Catalog, under Detox Formula, you will see that the natural phytochemicals in the tonic prevent cancer tumor growth and proliferation.

Also, my Detox Formula has herbs in it, like Poke Root, that are specific for cleaning the lymphatic fluid, nodes and nodules, and are an important treatment when you have any cancer, especially lymphatic cancer. And, don't be afraid to give her a massage, especially right on these swollen lymph nodes. You can't hurt her at all, and this would be good to stimulate them and will aid in the healing.

You asked how much Detox Formula to give her? Well, this is my rule for people, children and pets… The standard dose of Detox Formula is 2 droppersful 3 times a day. When you have cancer you can double or triple this, depending on the severity.

To know how much to give your dog, or a child, just put her weight in the form of a fraction over 150. 150 pounds is the average weight for an adult dose. So if she weighs 30 pounds, 30 over 150, reduced to its lowest fraction would be 1/5 the adult dose.

I would also use my L-GB Formula once in a while too, or alternate two weeks on Detox Formula and one week on my L-GB Formula. The L-GB Formula will clean and protect her liver, a necessary protection when it comes to cancer.

As far as additional advice, just like with people, stop any bad food and put her on the best food. For a dog, I always suggest making all of her food yourself, whether it is meat-based or vegetarian. This way you will be assured it is of the highest quality and nutrition, but also free from any horrible byproducts, chemicals and general garbage that is in most pet foods, that are all carcinogenic. I add SuperFood Plus powder into all the food that I make for my dogs and cats.

And keep your spirits high. I have found that most veterinarians, like medical doctors, are often too hasty to give the death sentence or suggest to “put down” (a nice word for kill) their pets. Like people, I have numerous pet patients that lived years beyond their medical death sentence too.

The medical doctors also told me I would be dead soon, and that was 40 years ago. If I would have gone to a vet maybe they would have “put me down”. I would suggest finding a vet that is supportive of your natural home treatments and works with you, and not against you. One that helps you keep your dog happy, healthy, feeling great and living as long as possible.

Your doggy is very lucky to have such enlightened, caring and loving parents. Keep up the GREAT work!

– Dr. Schulze