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The Power of Visual Affirmations


Dear Dr. Schulze,

I am yet another person asking a question on weight loss. I am in my late fifties, and I go up and down, but I never really get back to where I was when I was thirty. Do you have any more suggestions?

– Shirley T. in San Luis Obispo, CA


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Dear Shirley,

As you know, I have a million stories to tell you about my patients’ successes at losing weight and getting healthy. And, you know my bottom line… Losing weight is all about the number of calories taken in with eating versus the number of calories burned moving your ass.

But here is one more thing to think about besides eating, moving and all of the usual weight loss ideas in-between.

As you know, I am a master of positive affirmations.

I was supposed to have surgery for my killer heart disease, my fourth-degree hand burn and my knee injury, that was so bad, I couldn’t walk for two months. I was told my hand would never heal, I would never walk, and oh yes, that I would be dead without open-heart surgery 40 years ago. Well, I didn’t have any of the surgeries, and instead, I used my Natural and Herbal Medicine, and my Natural Healing Programs and Routines to heal myself.

But I also used hundreds of positive affirmations. I write them down. I read them repeatedly. I speak them and say them out loud all day and all night long and work them into almost all of my conversations I have with myself, and with others.

For 40 years I have also used hundreds of VISUAL affirmations. If I see a great photo of anything, I cut it out of the magazine or book and post it on my wall somewhere. I also take tens of thousands of pictures and whenever I have a great one of me, that reminds me of having maximum fun, laughter, bliss, love, health, joy, happiness, or whatever, I print it and look at it a lot.

I came across these a few years ago. I was in about the best shape of my life. I had been a vegan for over a decade. I was a skilled boxer, and practiced the arts of Judo, Kung Fu, Aki Jitsu and had acquired a few black belts in Karate and had mastered the art of breaking (Tameshiwari). I had been full-contact kickboxing for a few years and had also joined the Filipino Kali Academy, which was the new Bruce Lee school shortly after he died, led by Dan Inosanto, one of Bruce Lee’s foremost students. It was the toughest school I had ever been in. I got my ass kicked daily.

As I said, I had been a vegan for over a decade, I had just finished two 30-day juice fasts the previous year and one 60-day juice fast this year, about a month before this photo was taken. On the 28th day of this recent fast I kick-boxed over 25 rounds and nobody could even touch me. I don’t think they could even see me. I had the most energy of my life. I was tough. And these pictures were taken then and I weighed 188 pounds. I am 6-feet-tall and I had low body fat. In the second picture I am breaking six 2-inch thick concrete cap blocks with a tesho zuki (palm heel strike). I could break many more concrete blocks with my hands, feet, elbows, and head (as you can see by the pile of concrete rubble next to me in the second photo), but six blocks was just my daily warm up.

Two years ago, when I found these two pictures, I had them blown up to poster-size and hung them in the entry of my house for everyone to see who I used to be, including me. I looked at them and saw them every day, EVERY DAY, remembering every detail of how I felt physically, emotionally and spiritually when these pictures were taken.

Two years ago I was 225 pounds and was not nearly in the great shape as when these pictures were taken almost 30 years prior. My waist had grown to 40 inches. I was in fair shape and felt pretty good for being 30 years older. I now own a huge company, with a couple hundred employees, and have to travel a lot, and spend a lot of time on the phone, and at my desk on the phone or writing on my computer (like I am doing right now). I have a lot of responsibilities to my company, employees, customers, family and friends. I give back and have created a foundation. I am extremely busy and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and more blah. I had a lot of seemingly legitimate excuses.

Today, two years after hanging up these pictures and leaving them on the wall, and 30 years after these pictures were taken, I weigh 185 pounds—three pounds less than 30 years ago AND 40 POUNDS LESS THAN TWO YEARS AGO!! I have less body fat and more muscle mass. And, I am in about the same shape physically as I was 30 years ago, and in ten times better shape financially, emotionally and spiritually. My new waist size is 34 inches.

This is a picture of me taken last weekend when I went and spoke, and trained, with the descendents of Bruce Lee’s school at (Master Paul Vunak’s Progressive Fighting Systems seminar), and his students from all over the world, many of whom now follow the Dr. Schulze Health and Herbal Program. OK, I may be a little sorer than the 25-year-olds I sparred with, and my 14-year-old son, but it’s a GREAT sore!

The bottom line… 30 years later, I weigh a bit less than I did 30 years ago, I am healthier, a lot smarter, much happier, extremely successful and powerfully blissed-out. I LOVE myself, and the life that I have created.

My POINT is, hang pictures of yourself, from your past, of your greatest moments in life, when you were HOT, looked the best, felt the best, and were emotionally and spiritually the best. Surround yourself with these visual affirmations and then just start looking at them. EVERY DAY. Remind yourself of what it felt like and absorb and assimilate these feelings. This will be just as powerful for the weight loss as eating right and moving your body. This is SOUL FOOD!

Then watch the miracle happen.

It worked for me, and it worked for my patients.

– Dr. Schulze

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