Dear Tammi,

Below is my Emergency Gallbladder Treatment Program for anyone who has an attack...

1. Stop eating all food immediately, which is a good idea with any acute illness. Take 4 droppersful of my Digestive Tonic and 4 droppersful of my L-GB Formula in an ounce of warm water immediately.

2. Prepare and drink a Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink. In an emergency fresh apple-lemon juice is preferred, but any juice will work.

   Making the Liver Flush Drink:

• 8 ounces of distilled or purified water • 8 ounces fresh, organic apple juice • 1 fresh-squeezed lemon • 3 cloves of organic garlic • 5 tablespoons of organic virgin cold-pressed olive oil • 1 piece of fresh ginger root (about 1-inch long.)

(NOTE: Don’t chop the garlic or peel the ginger, just throw everything in the blender and liquefy it. It only takes 60 seconds to make a Liver Flush Drink. Drink it down in 2-3 minutes, don’t sip it.)

3. Lie on your right side with a hot pack over your liver. Castor oil packs over the liver are very beneficial, as is hot and cold hydrotherapy.

4. 15 minutes later drink 2 cups of hot, strong Detox Tea that has 6 droppersful of my L-GB Formula in each cup.

5. When the pain has subsided a bit, give yourself a high enema. Relax and take an hour to do it.

6. For any spasmodic pain and cramping in the liver take an additional 4 droppersful of my Digestive Tonic and 2 to 4 droppersful of Nerve Formula in an ounce of water.

7. If the pain persists in an hour, repeat all of the above steps.

I don’t recall any patient ever having to do this entire routine more than twice before they got relief.

The patient should then immediately start on my 5-Day LIVER Detox using the Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink and my L-GB Formula, Detox Tea and Detox Formula.

Remember, a gallbladder attack should be a wake-up call to change a person’s food program. Avoid all animal foods, saturated fats and trans fats and create a healthy lifestyle—a liver-friendly one.

– Dr. Schulze