Dear Lawrence,

Bullshit! They have no idea how long your father will live; no one knows.

I have had patients that had Leukemia and were also told they would be dead decades ago, and they are still alive and thriving today. The greatest malpractice that many oncologists and other medical doctors commit is handing patients and families their death predictions. This is horrible! Please tell this doctor to please keep his negative gypsy fortune-telling bullshit to himself.

Now, having said that, your father is exactly who I designed SuperFood for in the first place. In the final decade of my clinic, I worked almost exclusively on people with degenerative diseases. However, early on in my clinical practice, I had many patients with cancer. I had a man who was dying from Leukemia and I believe in much worse shape than your father. He also had severe anemia. His medical doctor told him he would be dead by April. I didn’t see him until September of that year when he was already supposed to be dead for five months! This is why, in my clinic, we often privately referred to many patients as “the walking dead,” because they had outlived their medical doctors’ “death sentences.” This man was so sick, he couldn’t digest or assimilate any food and therefore, any nutrition. The medical doctors even had him on intravenous vitamins, minerals and B-12 shots, and he still was not absorbing them.

Anyway, this man was one of the first patients I blended up my SuperFood for. Since many of the ingredients like Spirulina algae, Blue-Green algae and Nutritional Yeast are single-celled plants, they don’t even need to be digested to get into your bloodstream. SuperFood is VERY easy to assimilate. I had this man consume my SuperFood along with some fresh juices, and we had his blood values back to normal in just THREE DAYS!

So, to answer your question, YES!!!

Please get your father on SuperFood IMMEDIATELY, and lots of FRESH juice too. The only reason his medical doctor is shrugging his shoulders is simply because he doesn’t know ANYTHING about nutrition. In fact, I have never heard of any medical doctor receiving any training in nutrition; it simply is not taught in medical school. Nutrition is only taught to nutritionists. If you have any wonder about medical doctors’ nutritional expertise, just check out the quality of food served to most patients in the hospital. You will usually find more nutritious food choices in hospital cafeterias simply because most nurses and doctors wouldn’t eat the crap that is cooked up in the hospital kitchens.

So, first get your father on 2 tablespoons twice a day of SuperFood Plus powder. Also have him take a few SuperFood Plus tablets whenever he drinks anything. He should be drinking juice daily. Think of juice as a Natural Healing blood transfusion. You should make this juice FRESH so get a juicer. And please purchase only organic fruits and vegetables; your father doesn’t need to consume any nonorganic produce that has been sprayed with “carcinogenic” insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This will not help him get well. I suggest the following drink:

16 ounces of fresh, organic carrot juice

4 ounces of fresh, organic beet juice

2 ounces of fresh, organic beet greens juice

2 ounces of fresh, organic “greens mix” juice

2 ounces of fresh, organic wheatgrass juice

1 ounces of fresh, organic cruciferous-vegetable juice*

*Cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. (They all have multiple nutrients that are considered anti-cancer chemicals and they are all immune-system stimulating.)

If your father finds this juice mix a little tough to drink, then just add more carrot juice to water down the greens a little bit. Please also get your father started on my Detox Formula (2 droppersful, 3 times daily) and my full Incurables Program.

Good luck and tell your father that he can turn this one around; thousands of others have, and many of them were far sicker than him.

– Dr. Schulze