Dear Mike,

You are a great friend indeed.The short answer is YES, I would get him started on Intestinal Formula #1 immediately. There is nothing in Intestinal Formula #1 that would cause any harmful reaction with the Dilantin (generic name Phenytoin), so he doesn’t have to worry at all.I have had many patients who were on Dilantin to stop them from having seizures.

I like that you didn’t ask me how to get him off of Dilantin,because that is his responsibility if and when he ever decides to go down that road. But there is no reason that anyone on ANY prescription drug can’t have normal healthy bowel movements, and no reason that anyone on ANY prescription drug cannot use Intestinal Formula #1.

The Physicians’ Desk Reference lists constipation as one of the common side effects of this particular drug. ALL pharmaceutical drugs have side effects, most of them, literally hundreds. Dilantin has many serious ones, but lets stick with the constipation for now.

As directed in all of my literature, please have him start with only 1 capsule of my Intestinal Formula #1 with dinner. If the next morning he doesn’t have a large, easy and wonderful bowel movement, then that evening he should take 2 capsules and increase by 1 capsule every evening until he has a bowel movement the next morning. Then he should stay on that dosage for a while—I suggest at least a month if not two months (if not the rest of his life if he is still taking his medication).

Then, after a few months, he might want to consider doing my 5-Day Bowel Detox. The 5-Day Bowel Detox contains my Intestinal Formula #2, which is the great detoxifier. This formula absorbs thousands of unwanted chemicals from your digestive tract and bowel, including pharmaceutical drugs.

So when he starts the 5-Day Bowel Detox and starts taking Intestinal Formula #2, he needs to take his Dilantin first thing in the morning, about an hour BEFORE he starts taking his Intestinal Formula #2 drink or capsules. If he has to take additional medication during the day, he needs to try and keep it as far away from taking his Intestinal Formula #2 as possible. This is not a difficult thing to do and is easily possible; your friend just has to be aware of this and do the 5-Day Bowel Detox consciously.

I would even suggest that your friend, depending on how long he has been constipated, does the 5-Day Bowel Detox a few times, like once a month for two or three months, and then on a twice-yearly basis forever. This will make sure his bowel stays free of disease and remains healthy.

Two other great formulae for your friend would be my SuperFood Plus and Nerve Tonic. The SuperFood Plus is extremely high in B vitamins, which are pure nerve food. In fact, they are neurotransmitter chemicals and will feed, repair and rebuild his entire nervous system. My Nerve Tonic is the herbal medicine that I used in my clinic to successfully wean my patients off of Dilantin if that is what they desired.

Even if he stays on Dilantin, this would be a great formula for him to take. I would suggest between 1 and 2 droppersful a day, for life.

Thanks for your question,

— Dr. Schulze