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Dr. Richard Schulze: The Original Natural Health Revolutionary

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Dear Dr. Schulze,

You often say that a person should be more selfish. This sounds bad and not very nice or healthy. Could you please explain to me what you mean?

— Louise A. Pinecrest, Florida


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Dear Louise,

I would love to explain!

When I say this, I simply mean that the greatest gift you can give to your parents, siblings, children, loved ones and friends is YOU, and to give this gift, you must be alive! In order to create the longest life you possibly can, you have to create the healthiest life you possibly can, and this takes a lot of self-attention. You have to get really good at taking care of yourself. In every instance, YOU must ALWAYS come first. In other words, you can’t help anyone if you are dead, so staying alive and healthy is the most important thing in life.

After decades of helping people to heal their diseases and create powerful health, I learned that most people take great care of everything, except themselves. Most of my patients took great care of their kids and their parents. They were great friends and even greater partners. Many really took care of business and were dedicated to their profession. Some took incredible care of their belongings such as cars, boats and other toys, while others made certain their homes were tidy, beautiful and well-kept. But almost all of my patients dropped the ball when it came to taking great care of themselves. Usually, because they were just too busy taking care of everything and everyone else.

Then they got sick, sometimes really sick, and this is when it hits them. Everything you have, your family, your friends, your job or your business, your church, your toys, EVERYTHING, only has meaning if YOU are ALIVE!! When you are dead, sure, life will go on, but without your contribution and without YOU!

So when I say that everyone needs to be more selfish, more self-centered, more self-involved and more self-ANYTHING, I am saying this so people will stop for a minute, and take a sobering moment to realize that their health, vitality and longevity is the necessary foundation for everything else in their life to exist.

Just ask any of your friends or loved ones what they really want and their answer will be that they want YOU much more than what you have or do.

So my message is take care of everything in life, but always make sure your primary focus is on yourself and that you take care of yourself better than anyone or anything else in your life. Focusing on yourself and your health will make everything you do in life for others much, much better.<

— Dr. Schulze

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