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Dr. Richard Schulze: The Original Natural Health Revolutionary

Wisdom from one of the early pioneers of modern Natural Healing.

Natural Healing, the Bottom Line


Dear Dr. Schulze,

Can you please just give me the bottom line on what natural healing is so I can explain it simply to my sickly and degenerate friends? Just kidding! Thanks for all of your great work and herbal products.

Vicky H. — New York City, New York


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Dear Vicky,

Natural Healing is a style of healing in which you assist your body increasing its powerful self-healing ability. This is done by creating a lifestyle where you eliminate those things that create disease, and increase those things that create powerful health. When your body is healthy and strong, it can and will heal any disease, and repair and rebuild itself.

The sign in my clinic read:

You Can Heal Yourself of ANYTHING and ANY DISEASE.

Just STOP doing what makes you sick and

START doing what Creates Powerful Health!

An old Chinese proverb says, “Focus on the good to eliminate the bad.” In the same way, Natural Healing is about focusing on creating powerful health and letting your body do what it knows how to do better than any doctor, and what it does best, which is repair and heal you of anything and everything.

Thanks for your support and remember, plant seeds in your friends, but don’t torture them, and have fun, smile and laugh while you are doing it!

– Dr. Schulze

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