I made this video clip to empower all of you when it comes to taking my herbal formulas. The whole point is to help you understand what I repeat many times during this video clip: that if you are not feeling better after taking my standard suggested dosages, then you need to "take more, and take it more often."

In this video clip I explain what my standard suggested dosages are for each herbal formula. I also explain what I mean when I say a "dropperful", what it actually is, how many drops are in one "dropperful" and how many "dropperfuls" are in each bottle, for both the 1 ounce and 2 ounce bottles.

I also give you general suggestions of what you can increase the dosages to for each herbal formula, and a few reasons you would want to do that, depending on what may be wrong with you and what you are trying to achieve.

Again, the main reason I made this video is to continue my educational crusade to teach you the many Natural methods of healing, and also my desire to empower you to "be your own doctor".

Enjoy and Learn!

- Dr. Schulze

Video Length: 16:41