In the last 48 hours I have received hundreds of questions from customers all across America, about the potential radiation exposure from the Japanese Nuclear Power Plant disaster.

The questions are ranging from taking prophylactic potassium iodide (KI) to general and natural radiation protection.

First I would like to say that I had many students in the vicinity of Chernobyl during their nuclear facility meltdown, and worked with them to protect and treat their patients. So I do have a lot of helpful information and experience - lets get started!

How much Radiation is coming?

I think that one thing we know for sure, is that we cannot trust the power companies, nor the Japanese or the American governments, when it comes to getting us accurate information and possibly even telling the truth. The media and the Internet may be our best and more accurate source of current information.

As far as the Japanese nuclear energy suppliers, we know they are total liars. Their nuclear power plant executives have been arrested in the past for falsifying nuclear facility safety and incident reports, to the point where the Japanese government has closed every Japanese nuclear power plant at one time or another. And the American government has made many mistakes in the past monitoring facilities, and reporting incidents such as this, and even downplaying disasters to avoid panic, and has even been found to have “outright lied” on other occasions. So while private businesses and government agencies alike are known to falsify, cover up information and even lie, I would say that I do NOT trust anyone giving this current information.

Again, I would seek out the Internet, and try to find your own truth, which probably lies somewhere between the hysterical panic of the doomsayers and the lies of the Japanese corporate executives.

What is Radioactive Fallout?

Radioactive fallout is like radioactive dust. After the radioactive explosions, radioactive particles attach to dirt and dust, and circulate into the air, and in this instance, have been carried by the jet stream winds from Japan to America. The simple reason it is called fallout is because this type of dust literally falls out of the sky onto us. Within a few weeks, winds will carry this fallout to almost all areas of the planet. If you suspect that radioactive fallout has reached harmful levels, you should consider ALL of the following.

There are two major ways that this Fallout contaminates us, External and Internal.

#1 To protect from EXTERNAL Contamination, Stay Inside, Breath Clean Air and Cover Up.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from radioactive fallout dust or contamination is simply to stay indoors. Keep the windows and doors closed and avoid direct contamination of this “dust” to your body. In extreme circumstances, you can even temporarily seal the house with plastic sheeting and duct tape, especially if a concentrated radioactive cloud was passing through.

If you are outdoors, cover your head and hair, wear a scarf or dust mask over your mouth, and cover up with clothing as much as possible. Then as soon as possible, remove all of these clothes, and scrub your skin with soap, water and a skin brush. If exposure is extreme, cutting your hair off is also advised.

#2 To protect from INTERNAL Contamination, Watch what you Breathe, Eat and Drink.

Internal contamination comes from breathing air, and ingesting food and drink that has been contaminated with this radioactive dust.

As far as breathing in radioactive dust, you must protect yourself by breathing through a dust mask or dust filtration mask, or at least a scarf.

As far as food, one thing we have learned from past nuclear incidents, is that the number one food that has always been accountable for 98% of radiation dust consumption, is milk and dairy products. So DO NOT consume any milk or dairy products. Only about 2% of radioactive dust ingestion has come from all other sources of food. This is because milk and dairy products have proven to have the highest concentrations of radioactive contamination after fallout has occurred.

Having said that, it is extremely important to wash all of your fruits and vegetables, even organically grown, because any food can be exposed to this radioactive dust. So washing all food with soap, water and a scrub brush is extremely important. This will remove the radioactive dust.

Finally, make sure that any water that you consume is bottled, (before the fallout occurred) or purified. Having a great water filter around is perfect for this type of emergency.

Should I take Potassium Iodide (KI)?

Unless high-level exposure is imminent, assumed or confirmed, I would NOT flood my body with this.

Since your thyroid assimilates iodine as food in order to function, and manufacture your thyroid hormones, and since this radioactive fallout is partially iodine131, your thyroid will gobble up this radioactive iodine. This is a very bad thing to happen.

The idea is that if you flood your body with non-radioactive iodine, and your thyroid is full, it won’t take in any more iodine, including the radioactive iodine from the fallout, and it will hopefully pass through your body harmlessly and be eliminated. And one of the ways to flood your body with iodine is by using Potassium Iodide (KI), as taking high levels of iodine is NOT advised and can be poisonous, even lethal.

All your questions about this can be answered at which is the Center for Disease Control website, which includes dosages and just about everything you would want to know about this treatment.

Again, I would NOT consume this unless high-level exposure is imminent, assumed or confirmed.

Are there Natural ways to do this instead of Potassium Iodide?


Many herbs are rich sources of iodine, especially seaweeds. Although most people think that Kelp is the highest food and plant source of iodine, actually Dulse has twice as much iodine as Kelp, along with every mineral known, as it grows in the ocean. This is why I use Purple Dulse as one of my ingredients in SuperFood Plus. And although a normal serving of these foods contains extremely high amounts of iodine, it is still about 300 times less than the massive dose of potassium iodide that is used to flood and saturate your thyroid with iodine.

So while some researchers think that using the natural source seaweeds, because of the much lower amount of iodine, would not be effective, other researchers feel that the iodine in the sea vegetables is much more bio-available and will assimilate easier, therefore it will be more effective, so a lower dose may be effective to block the absorption of radioactive iodine.

Also I must state that there has been no substantial testing that I have ever seen using lower doses of herbal and organic natural food source iodine such as Dulse, instead of taking the potassium iodide, for the prevention of the toxic absorption of radioactive iodine131.

Now while some non-herbal people might be scoffing at the idea of loading your body up with SuperFood Plus, or running to the health food store and loading up on Dulse and Kelp, and thinking that this lower dose may not be effective, listen up.

During the Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown, I had students that didn’t have any potassium iodide available in their clinics, so instead they painted parts of their patients body’s with iodine tincture, some even with my black walnut and dulse tinctures that are high in iodine. And low and behold, their bodies assimilated the iodine through the skin, and their thyroid was protected. In fact these people ended up having the exact same low levels of radioactive uptake into their thyroid as the group that took potassium iodide. In fact after this incident, I have seen other studies that prove that painting iodine tincture onto a small areas of your body, like the hand or kneecap, (some even as small as a silver dollar) was equal to taking potassium iodide, in blocking radioactive dust uptake by your thyroid.

So now people are not laughing at the SuperFood, Dulse and Kelp idea anymore, and certainly all of these are better than doing nothing.

What other Natural Preventative Measures should you Consider?

After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, it was determined that there was a direct correlation between A) the amount of radioactive fallout poisoning exposure, and B) the frequency that the person had a bowel movement, and C) the degree of radiation sickness that a person developed. The reason for this is simple. When you consume food that has radioactive fallout contamination, and this food sits in your body and bowel for days, or a week, well this gives you much greater exposure time to the radioactive fallout, and therefore the radiation does significantly more damage. On the contrary, if your bowel is eliminating 2 or 3 times a day, this gives you much less exposure time to the radioactive fallout. So this is simply why keeping your bowels active, keeps flushing out the radioactive dust and does not let it build up inside your body.

Secondly, after the Chernobyl power plant nuclear meltdown, apple pectin was used extensively to extract radiation from people’s bodies and their bowels, as it is proven to remove heavy metals including radioactive fallout and particles, even Strontium 90. This action proved to significantly prevent damage and disease that would have been caused by the radiation exposure and contamination.

So on the first assumption that you may have eaten contaminated food, and have consumed radioactive fallout, I would immediately use my Bowel Flush “SHOT”, and then consider doing my complete 5-Day Bowel Detox Program, that has Intestinal Formula #1, which would continue to stimulate the bowels to make sure that no radioactive dust had time to stay inside your bowel to cause any poisoning or damage. This Detox program also contains the Intestinal Formula #2 which contains apple pectin, that draws out the radioactive dust, and also the bentonite clay that will physically pull out the radioactive dust.

For all of these reasons, a good bowel Detox is the antidote for internal consumption of contaminated radioactive food.

My 10 Step Prevention / Protection Program

Stay Inside, Keep Doors and Windows Shut

Wear a Dust Mask

Remove Contaminated Clothing Immediately

Wash with Soap, Water and a Skin Brush

DO NOT consume any Milk or Dairy Products

Wash all Fruits, Vegetables or any Contaminated Food with Soap, Water and a Scrub Brush

Drink only Purified water.

Unless high-level exposure is imminent, assumed or confirmed, DO NOT take Potassium Iodide

Do flood your body with Dulse, Kelp and SuperFood Plus, and consider painting parts of your body with Iodine solutions or tinctures.

If you suspect any Internal Contamination, flush your bowel immediately with my Bowel Flush “SHOT” and then follow up by doing my complete 5-Day Bowel Detox Program

Finally, in this first week of my BLOG, I have interrupted my planned normal schedule of answering your questions with this ALERT, but the volume of your concerns and questions demanded it. After all, this is what this BLOG is all about, current answers and information, and YOU!

On a positive note, this incident in Japan, and the previous ones in Russia and the United States, are simply costly lessons, that nuclear energy, is not the safe long term option that many people would have us believe. I hope that this incident will put us all on a faster track to develop alternate, safe, natural and healthy power for our children.


— Dr. Schulze