In this Video Dr. Schulze talks about Colostomies, Ileostomies, and Advanced Constipation in Children. Parents; don’t think it can’t happen to your kids, it happens every day in America.

Everything from our fiberless diets to our computer era sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll on our children’s bowels.

Dr. Schulze reads a letter from a grandparent of a 9-year-old boy with chronic advanced constipation. He also tells some clinical horror stories about a girl who committed suicide after getting a colostomy and also an 11-year-old boy he saved from that same fate.

Parents, this is a serious matter and you must get involved, you must talk to your children about their poop!

Dr. Schulze also describes his herbal medicine antidotes that can save your children from the surgeon’s knife.

Constipation is NOT AN OPTION!!!!