Dear G.T.,

I LOVE your summary, I couldn’t have said it better myself. If I ever need a ghostwriter I will call you. Scott is very lucky to have you as a family friend. I will give you many explanations and Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine solutions below.

First, just a Recap...

Problem: Vomiting

Treatment: Hospital Treatment Hospital Diagnosed with Hernia CT Scan

Return to Hospital Hospital diagnosed with Diverticulitis Surgery, partial colon removal, drain installed

Return to Hospital Surgery "leaked", causing infection, and second surgery performed

Return to Hospital Third Surgery Illeostomy (complete bypass of the entire colon)

Return to Hospital Diagnosed with Pancreatitis instead / whoops? More pain, six months later Vomiting continues

Now Living in Hospital

Unfortunately, I get stories just like this emailed to me EVERY DAY! And people wonder why I have such a dim view of medical doctors, drugs and hospitals, and the vast majority of modern medicine.

Let’s look at this very, very simply, with a big dose of COMMON SENSE...

Natural Healing Rule #1: Don’t eat Barbequed Chicken!

Although in this case, I am sure it was just "the straw that broke the camel’s back".

Backyard barbeques are famous for food poisoning. This is usually due to the improper handling of animal flesh, and contaminating the cutlery, plates and eating surfaces with raw meat that contains billions of bacteria, and then this bacteria is consumed and causes severe food poisoning. Another reason is simply that the meat is seared on the outside because the barbeque is too hot, but is undercooked on the inside, again, leaving the poisonous bacteria.

Although I would love to blame the chicken for Scott’s problems, this food poisoning was just the "final straw" in this young man’s health decline and just brought his degeneration and disease to the surface, from a chronic state, festering beneath the surface, to an acute disease state.

What I mean is that this gentleman was already 99% there and for some reason didn’t know it. The barbequed chicken just brought his chronic disease to his attention. In my clinical experience I would say that he had ignored for months, actually years, all sorts of digestive warnings. Illness like this, and this severe, rarely happens overnight.

An example of this would be that, contrary to popular belief, appendixes just don’t all of a sudden burst. Acute appendicitis is the "end result" of a chronic impaction of fecal matter into the entrance of the appendix, "blockage", causing infection, inflammation and then acute appendicitis. This idea of bursting is a scare story generated by hospitals to sell immediate surgery.

My point is, it takes years of dedication to an unhealthy lifestyle and years of ignoring warning signs to make yourself as sick as Scott was at this young of an age. But having said that, eating barbequed road kill is about as bad of a food choice as it gets.

Natural Healing Rule #2: Why do you Vomit?

Your body causes you to vomit simply as a protective measure when something is wrong in your digestive tract. Your body is NOT working against you, and it is ALWAYS doing its best to heal you, to Save Your Life! So when it does ANYTHING, it is doing the best it can do to repair and heal you. Vomiting is a sign that something is wrong in your digestive tract, and your body doesn’t need the food that is in your stomach, so it gets rid of it.

Reason A First and most often, vomiting is caused by some type of food overload disturbance. Usually you simply ate too much food, a horrible combination of food or just some horrible junk food, and your body (which is smarter than you) says, "THAT’S IT! I am not going to take this anymore!" and simply rejects it, reverses it, and forces the food back out of your mouth.

(All photos taken by Dr Schulze at a County Fair this summer.)

Reason B You will also vomit when your body detects that the food you ate has some type of toxin in it, like bacteria. This might be what caused Scott to start vomiting in the first place, but I can assure you this was NOT Scott’s real problem. Bacteria, virus, fungus, or some other toxic poison that is allowed to enter your digestive tract, well, it will cause you serious harm, maybe even kill you. So again, your body detects this poisoning, the food is reversed, regurgitated, and your body causes you to vomit, or have diarrhea, thank God.

This is why I always say that whatever is happening, no matter what it looks like, your body is doing the best it can to save you and heal you. This is why medications to make you STOP vomiting or to STOP diarrhea go totally against what your body is trying to do to save you. In fact, MOST chemical medicines in an attempt to make you feel more comfortable—like cough suppressants, fever reducers, diarrhea medicine, etc.—go totally AGAINST what your body is trying to do!

Reason C This reason is much more rare, but true in Scott’s case, which is when any of your internal digestive organs are infected, irritated, inflamed, congested or blocked, your body knows that it cannot take in any more food, or digest and assimilate any more food, so it naturally causes you to vomit. This can happen with...

– Hepatitis (hepa = liver + itis = inflammation)

– Colitis (col = colon + itis = inflammation)

– Gastritis (gastric = stomach + itis = inflammation)

Or with Scott...

– Pancreatitis (pancreas = pancreas + itis = inflammation)

– Diverticulitis (diverticula = small herniations of the colon + itis = inflammation)

As you can see, all of these ten-dollar words simply mean inflammation of the particular digestive organ. When your stomach, duodenum, intestines, colon, liver or pancreas are infected, irritated, inflamed, swollen or worse, blocked, you will vomit for sure.

By the way, remember I said that Scott had already ignored years of illness? If Scott did actually already have diverticulitis, which means he had inflammation of the herniations in his colon, my question is why did he have herniations in his colon? And my answer is that these sacular herniations are caused by years of a sluggish bowel, fecal matter impaction, constipation and the resulting stretching and herniation of the walls of the large intestine. This is why earlier I said that Scott had years of disease before this vomiting incident that he had ignored.

Please, let’s DO blame the medical doctors for most of this insanity and trauma, but Scott is not innocent here either. And, no one forced him to submit to all of this medical torture either. He volunteered for ALL of this pain, torture and surgery, and paid for it too. He could have read my BLOG six months ago!

By the way #2... Drugs like Aspirin and Acetaminophen along with alcohol, soda and coffee are the #1 causes of stomach lining erosion and digestive tract inflammation. Aspirin causes your stomach to bleed and Ibuprofen, along with most other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) cause your liver to bleed.

Natural Healing Rule #3: Don’t go to Hospitals and Medical Doctors, unless you are almost dead... and even then, you might want to wait!

First, try EVERY possible natural and alternative treatment. Second, with ALL disease you need to STOP EATING and START JUICING. Third, don’t let medical doctors cut out your organs. God put them ALL there for a good reason!

Natural Healing Treatments for Vomiting

Remember, when you are vomiting, don’t fight it and never try to stop it. Again, your body is just trying to help you get better, heal you, fix the problem and possibly save your ass from severe poisoning. So instead of fighting it, ASSIST your body.

Treatment #1 A great way to ASSIST your body is when you feel like you need to vomit, or you are vomiting, drink a quart or more of warm water, with a lemon squeezed into it. No one wants to vomit thick lasagna or spaghetti (it’s a nasty experience) so DILUTE any food in your stomach with lots of water. The warm water will relax your stomach muscles and simply dilute the food so it all slides out easy. The lemon will make it taste a little better and also cut any mucous, and again, make it all slide out almost effortlessly. Keep drinking huge amounts of water until you vomit.

Treatment #2 After you are done vomiting, take 8 to 12 droppersful of my Digestive Tonic in a few ounces of water, or take an entire Digestive "SHOT".

Treatment #3 Since I always say that BLOCKAGE is the root cause of ALL disease, a great natural treatment after vomiting—especially if any blockage is suspected—is to flush out the suspected organ. For the stomach, intestines or colon, use my Bowel Flush "SHOT", or with the liver, gallbladder or pancreas, use my Bowel Flush "SHOT" and then do my entire 5-Day LIVER Detox program immediately afterwards.

If you suspect that you have had food poisoning, and are having pain in your lower abdomen, or already having diarrhea, use a large dose of my Intestinal Formula #2. This will absorb and neutralize the intestinal poisons. The Bentonite clay will absorb up to 40 times its weight in poison and the Activated Willow Charcoal will absorb over 3,000 known poisons.

Finally Please remember, although it is easy to blame medical doctors, hospitals and drugs, Scott is RESPONSIBLE for all of this. Look, no one thinks that most medical doctors are a bunch of greedy, and/or ignorant butchers more than me. And no one loves bitching about the practice of modern medicine, and all of the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial pain, suffering and torture they do, more than me. But having said all of that...

Scott should not have volunteered for all of this torture, so he is responsible, even if it is for his ignorance and for trusting the doctors and hospitals.

I suggest you send him this answer, or print it out for him, plant the seeds in his mind. Who knows how far he will have to torture himself before he gets it. Most Americans let the medical doctors carve them up until there is not enough left to fight back or even walk out of the hospital. I hope Scott gets out of there while he can still walk, and that he takes RESPONSIBILITY and begins a new life and new lifestyle where he Creates Powerful Health.

In a few years from now, he might thank God for the blessing of the barbequed chicken that led him to create his new life.

— Dr. Schulze

PS: Please don’t let Scott show this BLOG to the medical doctors or ask them what they think of my answer. I am sure he is just the type, as most people are, to ask his medical doctors what they think of Dr. Schulze’s ideas. I DO NOT need any more heat or attention on me and my work. Additionally, they DO serve barbequed chicken in prison, and they do not have vegetarian entrees and fresh juice, so PLEASE tell Scott to leave me out of his decision. Thanks.