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A Cold & Flu Argument!


I love your Cold & Flu Shot. It has been nothing short of a miracle and a blessing for me and my children. I can’t tell you how many colds and flu that would normally infect my entire family every winter, someone was always sick in our house. But now because of your common sense prevention steps and herbal prevention program, and also using the Cold & Flu Shot, our house is the only house in the neighborhood that stays sickness free all winter long. The problem I am having is this… It took me years to get my husband to do the prevention drink mixing your Echinacea Plus with your SuperTonic formula in juice. I am happy to say that after many years of my nagging (which my husband Robert says was worse than any cold) he is finally making his Echinacea Plus and SuperTonic prevention drink religiously, every morning, for the first entire week of every month, and DRINKS IT! He even does it in the summertime; in fact I can't get him to stop doing it in August. The problem is I cannot get him to switch over to your Cold & Flu Shot so he is missing out on all the Vitamin C and all of the other herbs for colds and flu. I now personally use your Cold & Flu Shot, and I have got all our children using the shot too. But my husband Robert is very stubborn, and when he does something that works, he “locks” it into his life and I can’t get him to change. I guess I should be happy. But this is still not my problem. My problem, is that my husband Robert also says that there is no way that there is 12 droppers full of your Echinacea Plus and 6 droppers full of your SuperTonic in each Cold & Flu Shot, plus supposedly all these other herbs. He told me he thinks its some kind of marketing lie or its concentrated somehow. He says that he cannot taste any of these herbs in the Cold & Flu Shot, and therefore he does not believe they are in it, and therefore he does not believe it will work, and therefore he won’t use it. How can you help me possibly answer his disbelief? I am sorry to bother you with our trivial family argument, when you get so many letters from people that are so seriously ill, but we could not be the only family that is torn between these two products. A very healthy family, but one that argues a lot about Dr. Schulze!

- Betsy, B, Palm Beach, FL,

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Dear Betsy,

First, I don’t think that your question is trivial because I don’t think that bacterial and viral infections are trivial. As I have always stated, these infections kill more people every single year than breast cancer, prostate cancer and most all other diseases. Keeping your home cold and influenza free during the winter months is one of the greatest things you can do to PROTECT your family, so GREAT JOB!

As far as the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, YES, I can absolutely assure you there are 12 FULL droppersful of my extremely potent and powerful Echinacea Plus, with all the Echinacea root and seed, and garlic and with all the habanero too. I don’t make any different Echinacea Plus for the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, I simply add in the EXACT SAME Echinacea Plus formula from the EXACT same vats that I bottle the Echinacea Plus from.

Also, there are 6 FULL droppersful of my SuperTonic, with all the organic garlic, horseradish, habanero, ginger and onions. I don’t make any different SuperTonic for the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, I simply add in the EXACT SAME SuperTonic formula from the EXACT same vats that I bottle the SuperTonic from.

PLUS, I do add in enough organic Acerola Cherry juice to give you One-Thousand Percent (1,000%) of your daily requirement of Vitamin-C and many, many more herbs for preventing and fighting off colds and influenza.

Now, having said all of that, please tell your husband Robert that I totally agree with him. I am amazed also that the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” doesn’t taste like it has these very strong tasting herbal formulas in them. I too cannot detect the powerful buzzing blast of my Echinacea Plus nor the spicy and pungent flavor of the SuperTonic, nor any of the other additional herbs.

My only explanation is this…

When my son, Arthur, first suggested that I make this Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, to make it easier and quicker for him to stop the mixing every time he wanted to do my Prevention or Treatment Programs, my first prototypes tasted pretty horrible, and back then your husband Robert would have believed that all the herbs were in the “SHOT” that I say there are, no problem. But then a miracle happened when we added the Acerola Cherry juice! When I decided to add this juice, to give you 10 times your RDI of Vitamin-C, well, it acted just like the grape juice I suggest to use when making my original Cold & Flu Blaster Drink using Echinacea Plus and SuperTonic, which disguises the intensity of the herbal blend. The Acerola Cherry disguises the flavor so well that you almost cannot taste either the Echinacea Plus or the SuperTonic. So again, I agree with your husband.

I know people rave about the effectiveness of my Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” but also still complain about the taste, like Academy Award winning actress, Penelope Cruz (click here to read). But personally, I think it tastes amazing, considering what is in it, and most customers agree it tastes great too, like cherry candy. I’m being really serious here. I cannot taste any Echinacea Plus or any SuperTonic, or any of the other herbs in the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”. Again to me it tastes like liquid cherry candy.

Maybe I am so far removed from the regular world of sugar, chocolate, and all this other crap that I guess I don’t know what real sweet artificial garbage tastes like. Because again, to me, I agree with your husband Robert, I too think that the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” tastes too good to be true.

Also, please tell your husband, Robert, something else. My company has grown to be quite large over the past few decades, and I cannot be everywhere, all of the time. So I keep my focus on two things, COMMUNICATION and QUALITY. Communicating with the customer to me is everything, so EVERY word written that goes out to you from Dr. Schulze, is written by me, as sure as I am sitting on my couch right now typing this response to your letter on my laptop computer. The one thing I can GUARANTEE to all of my customers is the best education, directly from me, on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine; EVERY WORD is written by me!

My second GUARANTEE is my Herbal Medicine. I can assure you that I personally have my hands in every vat of herbal medicine I make, and that I personally check and taste every vat of herbal medicine I make, and that NO HERB is used without my approval and that NO HERBAL FORMULAE leaves my company without my approval.

As far as all the stuff in-between, from my call center taking phone and Internet orders, my computer team processing orders and credit cards, the shipping department, the art department, the Internet department, bookkeeping, and all the rest, I don’t know crap about what is going on there. But I do have 100 extremely capable and very dedicated employees that take care of all the in-between bits, so I can focus on QUALITY and COMMUNICATION.

Husband Robert, if I am sure of one thing in life, it is that my herbal medicine is EXACTLY what I say it is. So try the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”, and quit making your wife crazy. Having said that, just yesterday I made my own Cold & Flu Blaster Drink using my Echinacea Plus, my SuperTonic and some carrot and wheatgrass juice, but please don’t tell your wife this!


— Dr. Schulze

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