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7 Miracles For Depression


Dear Dr. Schulze, I have a real problem with Depression. I am not one of these women who just says this to get attention. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression by my medical doctors for years, since being a teenager. It started sporadically, I would be going along feeling great, and then all of a sudden I would just wake up some days feeling different, like a different person, like my life was all of a sudden all wrong. As a few years went by, on these “bad days” I wouldn’t even want to get out of bed. It progressively grew worse. I am now 37 and have been on numerous anti-depressive drugs for 20 years now. I am not even going to tell you the meds I am on as I know what you will say. I just wondered if there is any chance that I can get off of these meds. I have been using your Intestinal Formula #1 and Bowel Flush “SHOT” since a friend introduced me to your products a few years ago and they are a godsend. As you may know some anti-depression drugs are constipating and I suffered with this until I discovered your products. Thanks to you my bowel works normal now, so I was just wondering if you had any other miracles for me, with my depression. I look forward to your answer.

- Shelly, C, Philadelphia, PA, United States,

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Dear Shelly,

If you want a Miracle, you came to the right place. I’ve got all sorts of Miracles for you.

Let’s start at the beginning…

HORMONES, Miracle #1 It is a big clue to me that you started noticing your depression as a teenager, and it was sporadic, with a few weeks feeling fine, only to wake up one day “feeling like a different person”. What you are describing, I heard 1,000 times (probably 10,000) from my female patients in my clinic—it is called PMS. What you were feeling is a hormonal crash. Unfortunately, because Pre-Menstrual Syndrome was not recognized for decades due to the male-dominated medical establishment, it was just dismissed as women just being a little sensitive or crazy. Of course now it is recognized as a serious medical issue that has all sorts of physical and emotional illnesses and dis-eases associated with it. In my clinic, I noticed that EVERY female patient experienced some level of monthly imbalance, some hardly noticeable, while others were life, health, family, marriage and career destroying.

When depression is cyclic in a female, and you go for a few weeks feeling great, only to wake up feeling like another person, this is ALWAYS CAUSED by your HORMONE LEVELS dropping severely before the onset of menstruation, like with PMS. This also happens during menopause, but it is less cyclic then, as your hormone levels are naturally tapering off.

A medical doctor with more experience, or one who simply had a girlfriend or wife, would have recognized this cyclic depression as hormonal.

So, the first thing I want you to do is start taking my Female Plus Tonic, as I KNOW that your hormones are out of balance, AND PROBABLY HAVE BEEN FOR 20 YEARS! Start with 2 droppersful, three times a day, indefinitely.

BOWEL CLEANSING, Miracle #2 I am happy that you found me through my ability to make people poop! Many of my patients used to say that, “I make shit happen, literally!” I am glad that you got your bowel working better, but this is just the beginning. Now I want you to start getting the old waste out by doing my 5-Day BOWEL Detox program a few times, once right now and again in the New Year.

During my years in the clinic, I had more than one patient with clinical depression snap right out of it—and I mean SNAP—just by doing my 5-Day BOWEL Detox program for a few weeks in a row.

Think about it, your brain can only work as good as the quality of nutrition in the blood it receives, and the ability of the waste it produces to be eliminated. In almost every brain disease—from Alzheimer’s to Dementia and Senility—it is ALWAYS observed, post mortem, that the brain was filled with toxic waste fluid, if not thick waste and even lesions. This is simply the case with any organ where the circulation is deficient and the nutrition IN and waste OUT cycle is constricted, slowed down, or weakened.

Worse, toxins from built-up bowel waste due to constipation can be reabsorbed back into your blood and then eventually all of your blood will circulate into your brain. Also your body, and blood, will just be more toxic because your main elimination organ, your bowel, is not doing its job.

An old, great Natural Healer that I interned with used to do a lot of bowel cleansing with his patients. We used to comment and discuss how much nicer his patients would become after a good bowel cleanse. One day when I asked him why this was he simply said, “Don’t you know, you can’t have sweet thoughts on a sour stomach!” Simple, but true! NUTRITION, Miracle #3 OK, I just mentioned that your brain can only work and function as well as the amount and quality of the blood it is receiving. NUTRITION is the QUALITY!

The best way I know to raise the quality of your blood, from depression inducing fluid to high-octane “positive thought” super fuel, is quality food and quality nutritional supplementation.

For quality food, well, this is simple… STOP eating any junk (i.e. coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, animal food) or ANY food that we KNOW affects hormones adversely and also doesn’t offer you the best and easiest to assimilate nutrition. Then, START on an organic, mostly raw, high-nutrition, vegetarian food program.

Secondly, start taking a double dose of my SuperFood Plus, morning and afternoon. I don’t care if you make morning green drinks with the powder, take the tablets or eat my SuperFood Bars, just EAT IT! You will be amazed how nice your thoughts can be when you start giving your brain all the quality nutrition it needs to function at its highest ability.

CIRCULATION, Miracle #4 I will repeat the first sentence under nutrition, “Your brain can only work and function as well as the AMOUNT and quality of the blood it is receiving. NUTRITION is the quality!”

In nutrition we dealt with the quality of your blood, but in the above sentence, now I stress the word: AMOUNT!


It has been known for decades that when certain areas of your brain do not get enough blood circulation, you get depressed. It is one of the main physiological reasons for depression, simply, a lack of brain circulation. Consequently, over the past few decades hundreds of studies have taken place with patients suffering from depression, using exercise to decrease depression and in EVERY single study, the groups that exercised had a dramatic reduction in their depression.

So it is true, in a way your ass and your brain are connected, because when you move your ass, your brain functions better.

MOVE YOUR ASS BRAIN, Miracle #5 YES, exercise reduces depression, this is a fact, but there is much more. Exercising, which increases more blood circulation to your brain, has many other brain benefits.

• People who exercised walking 15 miles a week, that’s only about three miles a day, five days a week, had up to 25% better test scores than the sedentary group.

• People who exercised daily had dramatic reductions, even reversals of memory loss, dementia, senility and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

In fact, it is known that most new brain cells die shortly after they are created, but now it has been proven in numerous studies that when a person gets regular exercise by simply moving their body, ANY TYPE OF MOVEMENT, well, the new brain cells have a much greater survival rate and DO NOT DIE!

BRAIN HERBS, Miracle #6 My Brain Formula is one I developed in my clinic for my patients with everything from depression and anxiety, to memory loss, dementia and senility, to Alzheimer’s Disease and even serious brain injuries and post-stroke treatment and recovery.

I had used the herb Ginkgo biloba for a few years in my clinic with good results, but it wasn’t until I started using much higher doses of it, at much greater concentrations, and then turbo-charged it with Habenero to literally force feed the Ginkgo and the other herbs in the formula to your brain cells, that my patients started getting their miracle results. I suggested my patients take 2 droppersful three to four times a day to keep the depression away.

If you are going to wean off of your medication, do it slowly, over a period of months. Anti-depression medications are VERY powerful chemicals, and not fully understood. They are well known and documented to cause people to kill themselves, so play safe. It is always best to wean off most chemical drugs over time, and balance it with the aggressiveness of your new, healthy lifestyle changes.

POSITIVE BRAIN EXERCISE, Miracle #7 Finally, you MUST practice POSITIVE BRAIN EXERCISES. What I mean by this is POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. I have no answer to why most people today are negative thinkers. Junk food, a lack of jokes, a lack of pooping, a lack of sex, I don’t know, probably all of the above and much more. But, like it or not, most of my patients and most people I meet have negativity down pat. It comes natural to them, an automatic response, so you have to do daily training in being positive.

I use my affirmations, and I have 10,000 of them. I have multiple toolboxes filled with positive thoughts and affirmations that I have heard, learned, borrowed, stolen and made up over my lifetime. And, any time I hear anything negative, I just open one of my invisible toolboxes and pull out a positive anecdote, which is also the eraser of the negativity, and another one to secure the positive influence.

Just for a minute imagine yourself in my place—in my clinic during the final decade—where the average person I saw was already supposed to be dead six months before I saw them. WOW, did that make me a POSITIVE JUNKY! I had to be able to see the light when all I heard was doom, gloom, disease and death.

I remember I had a woman who had cancer in most of her major organs and body. She had already had numerous surgeries, many radiation treatments and four rounds of chemotherapy. She was supposed to be dead about nine months before I saw her, but was still clinging to life by a thread. I had to visit her in her home as she was sent home to die and could not even move. When I got to the house it was like a horror movie. She looked worse than dead. Her skin was cracked and bleeding as with most patients who had been though this type of medical torture, she smelled really bad, had vomit on her clothes, and the room (in fact, the whole house) smelled really bad. She was lying in her deathbed mostly naked, as they had just catheterized her.

I yelled at both of them, she and her husband, and I said next time I come over, I want you looking hot, in a nice dress, no puke, and the house aired out and smelling good. She looked at me and said, “But I’m dying, and I have malignant cancer throughout my entire body.”

I said, “That’s no excuse, we are ALL dying, that’s part of life, but until your heart stops beating, I want you looking like your living, and celebrating whatever you have!”

I then told her to stop whining and that she had a better ass than most women I know, and that even though they didn’t have cancer, they will never have as good an ass as her. (I could see it, as she was barely covered, remember… being catheterized.)

She grabbed a bottle of pills from her bed and threw it at me, told me to go ‘F’ off and get the hell out of her house and then cried for half an hour, sobbing and even throwing up. All the while I sat there staring at her. Then she started laughing—hysterically laughing—and eventually said, “All I have left is a great ass. It’s the only place I don’t have cancer,” and I saw a spark in her spirit. She saw one positive thing!

I had planted a very powerful seed, not the cancer-burning and soul-killing radiation seeds that had been implanted in her body by the medical doctors, but a positive seed—a seed of LIFE.

She still died, but four-and-a-half years later, after regaining her strength, regaining her dignity, and being able to walk again and travel with her family. She enjoyed four more Christmases and four more birthdays. Her time wasn’t up yet; she and her doctors had just given up.

So, my point here is that positive thoughts may be the most powerful healing tool in my Natural Healing arsenal, not just for erasing depression, but healing all illness and disease.

So Shelly, this was more than you asked for, I know, but an amazingly beautiful, happy and bliss-filled life awaits you!

— Dr. Schulze

PS: For a good start on your Positive Affirmations, please take your cursor up to the top navigation bar on this BLOG, to “Quotes and Healing Affirmations”, and then click on “Healing Affirmations”.

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