Friends, embarrassingly even more medical doctors contacted me telling me I was wrong about your tonsils. So I dug out my immune books, just to close this subject once and for all, and it was even worse than I had stated!

Your tonsils PROTECT you from all types of Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, ALL Germs and also synthesize antibodies against Poliomyelitis, Hodgkin's Disease and 10,000 more diseases.

Considering that 500,000 kids in America still have their tonsils cut out of their throat EVERY YEAR by medical doctors, I suggest that many many ignorant medical doctors need to go back to Medical School (or at least go back to the Medical Library), study and get up to date!


Tune-in next week, where Dr. Schulze shows you how simple and easy is it to fix summertime cuts and scrapes at home!