Dr. Schulze Predictions Come True! Interviews LIVE On the Street from London

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Original Posting Date: November 02, 2009

I am no newcomer to influenza; I almost died when I was just a few years old from the 1957 Asian Flu. Then I also remember the very first American “swine flu” scare in 1976 and the huge pandemic doom warning from the American government. They said a pandemic was unavoidable, and over 100,000 Americans might die, and they initiated a national swine flu vaccine program. When the dust settled, the only people that died were the people who received the swine flu vaccine. So since then, after a few “Bird Flu” scares that never materialized, a few years ago we were back at another federal government, actually international, swine flu pandemic warning. Again, the governments of America, Great Britain, and most of the world declared that not only was a swine flu pandemic imminent, but that millions would be dead. I had heard this many times before, so I was prepared for the bullshit, and that is when I sent letter to all of you telling you not to panic, and not get the flu shot, the anti-viral shots or worse, the brand new swine flu vaccine.

The very first outbreaks and deaths were in Mexico, and then the U.S.A., and then Great Britain became the early Swine Flu Outbreak Epicenter for all of Europe, racking up the largest number of infections, deaths and illness. So I immediately took off for London, England, to see what was happening, as it was predicted that this summer swine flu outbreak in England, was just a preview of what we were going to get slammed with right here at home in America that winter. The only problem was when in I got to London, and I was reading all about the infection pandemic and people dropping in the streets, in the newspaper, and watching all about it on television, well, I just couldn’t find anyone in London who actually had this swine flu. So I hit the streets of London to talk to the people, and find out where this mysterious swine flu was hiding.

Months later, after billions were spent by the British Government on swine flu vaccines, and millions and millions of people were vaccinated, well you guessed it, the swine flu never arrived. And a few months later the scandal broke that the international agencies and British government medical officials that predicted the pandemic and then ordered the stockpiling of the vaccines and the subsequent mandatory inoculation programs of hundreds of thousands of people, well these same medical officers were discovered to be on the payrolls of the big pharmaceutical companies that produced the swine flu vaccine. And eventually billions were spent in America, and the same thing happened here, billions spent, pandemic hysteria, stockpiling of vaccines, even the National Guard guarding vaccine stockpiles… and no swine flu ever materialized. Eventually the scandals, payoffs, bribery and kickbacks of the pharmaceutical companies were also uncovered in America. After all, influenza vaccines are a trillion dollar industry.

So in this short 10-minute video, I take to the streets of London, to talk to the people, and find this elusive swine flu.

Enjoy Your Summer!

— Dr. Schulze

P.S. Consider this summer lesson #5, as cold and influenza season is only a few months away, and you never know when our medical groups, governments and pharmaceutical companies will be peddling their bullshit again, so I want you to be emotionally prepared and EDUCATED! If you want to watch this entire Swine Flu DVD—which includes everything you ever will need to know about colds, influenza, epidemics and pandemics—go to the top navigation bar of this BLOG and click on the CDs & DVDs page to watch this entire DVD for FREE! This is a great lesson and can protect you and your loved ones.

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