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440 Pounds, Dying & Optifast Alternatives


Dear Dr. Schulze, I am 58 years old, 5’ 11”, and weigh 440 lbs. Needless to say I am at a very dangerous weight. I believe the only reason I am up and about is because of Cayenne and Protect. I want so much to turn my health life around but not real sure in what order. My legs and ankles swell and I currently sleep in a chair for comfort. My main concern is to make sure my body is getting enough calories, so I don’t get sick. My diet consists of chicken mostly and not eating at set times. I have never eaten a salad before and sorry for that. I understand Vegan is the way to go but it is such a foreign food to me. I am inspired by 20 Powerful Steps and have been working on changes. I would appreciate anything you might be able to share with me. The most successful diet I have ever done was Optifast, no food decisions worked easiest for me. Losing 115 lbs in 20 weeks and I felt so good. You know the rest, bad decisions of bad food choices after that and now I am at this point. I need some guidance Dr. Schulze. I want to reclaim my life and health if it is possible. Thank you for all that you do.

- Tom, H, Newport News, VA, United States, .

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Dear Tom,

First, before I even start, thank you for taking the Cayenne and the Protect Formulas. I agree with you and I will take it one step further, they are keeping you alive!

OK, let’s start with a dose of REALITY. You are 58, 5 foot 11 inches and 440 pounds. A normal BMI (Body Mass Index) for your height, not that I follow BMI, but just to get an idea, is 25 weighing in at under 180 pounds, and you weigh 440 pounds and have a BMI of 61. Oh My God, you are a GIANT, you are HUGE! Look, I don't think fat or thin is right or wrong, I am only thinking about your longevity and you have NONE. If you are still alive and can read this, YOU MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY! If you are dead and your relatives are reading this, I am sorry that I didn’t get to you in time, and this answer will be for the other huge people out there, as America has no shortage of obese people. You are almost 300 pounds overweight. I can’t even begin to explain what that does to your body and internal organs and systems, not to mention your lifespan. The good news is you must have strong genes to have even survived this far. You must be a really strong person, physically, that you have been able to even handle this much added physical stress without having a heart attack, stroke, cancer or dying from any one of a thousand different diseases.

I helped many, many patients normalize their weight, some even worse than you, so listen up.

Step #1: STOP looking at weight loss. The first and most important thing we have to fix is your mind. You have to STOP looking at your future as a weight loss program and START looking at the rest of your life as Creating Powerful Health. One of the reasons the Optifast did not work (and I will get into Optifast later) is that it is a weight loss program, not a food program, so when you lost 115 pounds and were sick of doing it, you simply went back into your old food program, and put all the weight back on, which is typical. No matter what Optifast or any medical doctor says, weight loss programs usually fail long-term, without another goal. Instead, you have to begin a food program that will Create Powerful Health, nourish your body, even cleanse your body and help you to lose almost 300 pounds. This is going to take a few years and I hope you have enough time left to survive the experience, so let’s get started RIGHT NOW!

Step #2: Optifast vs. your New Dr. Schulze Food Program The best news here is that we both know it is possible for you to lose weight, YOU CAN DO IT because you have done it before.

BUT, we are going to STOP looking at the next part of your life as a weight loss program. We are going to START looking at the ENTIRE REST of your life, as creating a healthy food program for the entire rest of your life, again our focus is going to be Creating Powerful Health. This is not just semantics; there is a huge difference here.

I often talk about the old Chinese proverb that states, “Focus on the GOOD to Eliminate the Bad”. What I simply mean by this is that, instead of looking at yourself as a dying big fat slob who is torturing yourself with the medically designed chemical liquid diet to survive obesity, you will instead need to look at life in a very different way, in which you are excited about creating a new food program and a new way to eat, with healthy foods that supply your body with powerful life-giving vitality and nutrition. One that will Create Powerful Health. All of this so you can enjoy life to the fullest—laughing, having fun, having sex and feeling great! Your life is NOT over unless you decide it’s over. Again, you are Creating Powerful Health. Focus on Creating Powerful Health and the fat will just disappear.

Optifast, in my opinion, is a medically designed diet for obese people. It is NOT a health program, it is NOT about Creating Powerful Health and it is NOT even a food program, and certainly NOT one that you will stay on for the rest of your life. It is a program of liquid chemotherapy, adding in some chemo-nutritional bars and fiber, that are so loaded with chemicals and other crap, they won’t even list the ingredients on their website. I am not saying it doesn’t work, I am saying it is about chemo-weight loss, not Creating Powerful Health.

You can achieve the exact same results, using my Juice Flushing Food Program, along with my Superfood Plus powder, instead of the Optifast chemo-drink, and replacing the Optifast bars and fiber drink, with my SuperFood Bars and my HerbalMucil Plus. Now you have amazingly powerful and superior nutritional food programs and supplements to create a powerfully healthy body, mind and spirit, instead of just a chemo-weight loss program. See the difference?

I would immediately go out and buy a juicer, any juicer, but if you read my articles before you know I suggest Champion Juicers for their high level of quality and extreme ease of use and especially ease of cleaning.

I would immediately start on my juice-flushing program using my SuperFood Plus powder, SuperFood Bar, and HerbalMucil Plus, just like I mentioned above. And, PLEASE keep taking your Cayenne and your Protect formula.

(NOTE: Click on my “20 Powerful Steps” book at the top of this BLOG and read my chapter on “Fresh Juice” on pages 65-70. Then, go to page 83 for specific instructions on my Juice Flushing Program.)

By doing this, you would be mimicking the Optifast program that you have done before, and had successful weight loss results with. You will have the same exact weight loss results with my program, but your focus will be on building powerful and lasting health. And Creating a NEW LIFE!

Once you have lost 100 pounds, and feel much better again, you can start looking into my Purifying Raw Food Program, and when you are down 100 pounds more, or at least under 250 pounds, you can investigate my Health Building Food Program.

You can also consider my SuperSlim Program and products, but I hesitate to put you on any program that moves your focus into weight loss versus Creating Powerful Health.

Step #3: MOVE! If you don’t start moving immediately, you’re going to die. I know that at 440 pounds it hurts to even breathe. The French Foreign Legion has an unofficial saying, “March or Die”. This needs to be your saying now, for the rest of your entire life. And it must be every single day.

I am not going to get into any of the details here, but you need to push yourself every single day, until your weight is normal. And you need to make it FUN!

A great place to start might be one of my best friends and colleagues YouTube site. Just go to my “Links” section of this BLOG and click on “Zenkahuna” and you will find his YouTube Channel. You may find many of his movements to be way over the top for your ability right now. But listen to this great man’s philosophy on movement. Start searching his site just to pick up some of his wonderful Natural Healing pearls of wisdom when it comes to moving your ass. And do what you can every day.

I want your entire initial focus to be on creating powerful physical and emotional health. Using your Dr. Schulze Food Programs and Herbal Medicine and Herbal Nutritional Supplements, and movement, to create your new “normal weight” life.

Additionally, I want you to move into flexibility and stretching. At first even flexibility and stretching movement will be like aerobic exercise for you simply because of the 300 pounds of fat that you have attached your body. This is a great place to begin, just stretching.

Step #4: CLEANSE! Once you have started my food programs, and my movement program, and feel at least stable during both of these things, it is time to think about cleansing and detoxifying your body. Which detox program? Hmm… let me think… ALL OF THEM!

I would suggest you start with my 5-Day BOWEL Detox, then wait a few weeks or a month and get stable again, and then do my 5-Day LIVER Detox program. And again, when you are stable, you can do my 5-Day BOWEL Detox again, and later on, my 5-Day KIDNEY Detox.

You Make Me Laugh! I almost fell off my chair laughing, when I read your statement…

My main concern is to make sure my body is getting enough calories, so I don't get sick.

Who are you kidding? It was getting too many calories that has almost killed you and turned you into a huge obese giant, and made you extremely ill, if you are even still alive. I think you can drop this concern!

I also laughed really hard at…

I have never eaten a salad before and sorry for that.

No need to be sorry, and if you follow my advice you’ll be drinking your salads instead of eating them.


I am inspired by 20 powerful steps and have been working on changes.

Me too! Yes, I know I wrote them, but I too work to master these 20 steps every day of my life. And I will be thinking of you for awhile as I’m working on all twenty.

I need some guidance, Dr. Schulze. I want to reclaim my life and health if it is possible. Thank you for all that you do.

OK, all of the above is plenty of guidance to begin with. If I address one more thing with you, your fat, and your life, I would like to say that it would be also very helpful for you to take a look at why you have sabotaged yourself to such an extreme level, not to participate in life.

Life itself, may be the greatest gift we will ever receive. And as far as I know, it’s a limited time offer, and you have made this time even more limited. I really appreciate you reaching out to me, and so if I say one thing in closing, it’s to take a look at WHY you decided to cover yourself with almost 300 pounds of excess fat. I can tell by the way you wrote your letter that you’re a nice person. I’m not saying that you have to spend the next 20 years in deep psychotherapy trying to figure out where the hell you went wrong. I have never seen much good come out of this type of therapy. What I am suggesting is that you need to seriously rewrite YOUR script for your life. And come up with 10,000 new positive life-affirming affirmations, to use as tools and to keep your positive mental focus, while you are making a dramatic and life-changing, positive, healthy transformation.

Don’t forget, you really need to start loving yourself!

— Dr. Schulze

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