FEAR: Letting Go of It HEALS DISEASE & Creates Powerful Health!

Original Posting Date: August 22, 2008

Friends, in my clinic, I saw it time and time again, with thousands of patients, FEAR, their FEAR of Disease and Death, was actually much worse than what was wrong with them. I spent most of my clinical career, convincing my patients that what was wrong with them was actually no big deal, and nothing that some lifestyle changes and a little herbal medicine couldn’t completely heal. But for many of my patients, that was easier said than done. So I made this really short 5 Minute Video when I was on the beach of some uninhabited island deep in the Bahamas, and I talk to you about how not only can fear cause disease, but learning how to get rid of it can heal disease, too.

OK, here is a very funny ending to this story. Just a few weeks ago, I was at the same island, at the same beach, just relaxing and almost asleep, when another family who was there was towing one of their children around in the water on a knee board, well I heard the son scream SSHHAARRKK! SHARK, there is a shark in the water. At which point I saw two things happen.

First, the family went into complete panic. Every scene from every shark attack movie was replaying in their mind and the kid totally panicked to get out of the water, started thrashing around and swimming wildly (THE WORST THING TO DO) and the parents all started screaming hysterically.

Next, at the same time I saw my son leap off our boat right into the water and quickly swim towards the other kid, AND THE SHARK! But my 17-year-old son Arthur knew a few things they didn’t. First, let me tell you that he is a 3-year California State Junior Lifeguard and also a certified Open Water Diver and has grown up with me in the water. So he knows that there is nothing in the water that will hurt you if unprovoked, and also that most all movies and stories about any animals attacking people are simply, what’s that word I’m looking for, eh, oh yeah, BULLSHIT!

Anyway, my son swam up to the kid (by this time the poor shark was scared to death and was long gone) and told him and his parents that there were some big 9-foot nurse sharks around that he had seen earlier in the day, and also that they never bother humans and in fact don’t even have any teeth (although one of them sucked in my camera the next day, and spit it out a few seconds later).

The bottom line is that Arthur and I have seen almost every creature there is in the water, from blue whales, to sharks, barracuda, sting rays, moray eels and jelly fish, and checked them all out and we are still alive and well. But we don’t feed them, prod them, poke them, tease them, we just look at them, we leave them alone and they all leave us alone. In fact most of them are horribly frightened by humans (rightly so) and quickly swim away immediately. And almost EVERY story you hear about people getting hurt by fish, well they were doing something stupid like feeding sharks bloody beef or poking and teasing huge sting rays.

My son and I know that the most dangerous places in the world are the big cities of America and the most dangerous animal on the planet is the human animal, and the one animal most likely to do harm to us.

We also know that the emotion most likely to do harm to us is FEAR, so we talk about everything, and education eliminates fear. What did president FDR say, in his 1933 inaugural address to the American people:

The “Only thing we have to FEAR, is FEAR itself. Nameless unreasoning, unjustified terror, which paralyses needed effort and… (I like this part) paralyses us to convert retreat INTO ADVANCE.

This is what I tried to do with all of my patients, who were paralyzed with fear, to turn their running and retreat into ADVANCE, and into HEALING and CREATING POWERFUL HEALTH.

FEAR is a killer my friends, and it killed in my clinic.

So again, I made this video, using the water and stingrays as a simple analogy, to remind everyone that healing disease is pretty darn easy, if we can just get our fears out of the way.


— Dr. Schulze

Video Clip Length: 5:47