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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • It Just Got WORSE! Multiple Viruses Attack America

    I shot this video a few weeks ago when I was in Los Angeles. I was reading some of the horrifying FLU news headlines to a group of ABP customers. It’s bad enough when we hear public officials, hospital staff and government experts say, “We are in a Real Mess!” or “It’s Out Of Control” or “We Lost This Battle”. But now experts are saying that not only are people getting this flu who already had a flu shot, and were supposedly protected, but the original flu has now “shifted”, “drifted” and mutated into a new flu.

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  • Healing Lung Cancer, Naturally

    A few weeks ago at my company, I met Kim, a woman that the medical doctors said would be dead a year and a half ago. But Kim is not dead; instead she is very much alive! Please, take 9 minutes to see and hear this mom’s amazing and inspirational story! This remarkable young lady has baffled some of the nation’s leading oncologists. Kim’s story is powerfully inspiring, and proves once again that if YOU are willing to change your life, and get healthy, you can prove all the medical doctors wrong.

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    Just last week at my company, the American Botanical Pharmacy, I spoke to an intimate group of a few hundred Health Crusaders from around the US. I took questions and gave my best answers. In the following weeks I will be sharing those answers with you right here on my BLOG site. KEEP CALM and remember that you do have time, usually much more time than the medical doctors say, to try to rush you into medical or surgical intervention. And plenty of time to GET HEALTHY, change their prognosis, change your future and assist your body in HEALING ITSELF!

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  • WELCOME TO 2013!

    Hey friends,

    It’s a New Year, the world didn’t end, and I just shot this video to do a quick review on my latest January 2013 Special Report! This year I’m going to answer all your submitted questions, and even review some of my books and newsletters, with short 5-minute videos. You requested videos instead of writing, plus it’s much more fun for me, too. So, let’s get it on with the New Year—I’m excited and I’m glad you’re here with me!

    — Dr. Schulze

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  • Dr. Schulze's Classic Videos: The Most Important Lesson I Teach

    This 10-Minute Video can SAVE YOUR LIFE! I explain to you WHY your medical diagnosis may be wrong, and regardless of this diagnosis or what dis-ease you might have, that if you are willing to Stand Strong, and take RESPONSIBILITY for yourself, you can survive, even thrive, and PROVE THE MEDICAL DOCTORS WRONG.

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