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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Diapers to Dating

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have had almost constant kidney infections over the last 20 years. Two years ago a dear friend introduced me to you and your products. I started with your 5-Day Kidney and Bladder Detox. Then, I used your KB Tincture and KB Tea on and off for the last two years, along with improving my food program, adding garlic and trying to stay away from harsh liquids, like you suggest. I HAVE NOT HAD ANY TYPE OF KIDNEY OR BLADDER INFECTION IN TWO SOLID YEARS! I have a friend who has reoccurring bladder infections whose teeth have turned yellow from taking all the antibiotics. I don’t think she will commit to the 5 Day, but can she just use the tonic and/or tea just by themselves?

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  • Eyewash Directions

    Dear Dr. Schulze, how exactly do you use your Eyebright Formula? One friend told me to drink it, while another told me to put it into my eyes. Please explain.

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  • Chinese Backlash

    Last week I wrote a commentary, to warn all of my BLOG readers, mainly that Chinese “Herbal” Medicine, as it is almost always called, often contains a lot more than just herbs! I want to thank all those that wrote me thanking me for my report. My sole purpose was not to condemn any traditional medicine, nor the Chinese, but to simply expose the ugly truth, so that you are all aware what is being sold as “herbs”. I only received one single negative hate/e-mail, only one, from a Chinese person. Normally I don’t bother to respond to one unique e-mail, I respond to questions that all of us can learn from, so that is really what I am doing here.

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  • The Truth About Chinese “Herbal” Medicine

    WARNING: I have been reporting on and disclosing the disgusting and toxic truth behind many of the dirty secrets of Chinese “Herbal” Medicine trade for over 40 years. Some of these truths are shocking, disgusting, and nauseating. This recent report is nothing short of HORRIFYING! Please do not read if you are weak of heart, or stomach.

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  • Eyewash Drama

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have been plagued with bouts of Conjunctivitis and Eye Irritations and Infections most of my adult life. Last year during the holidays my ex-wife gave me a bottle of your Eyebright formula and a few of your books. Finally, I started taking your Eyebright and it didn’t help me either. I emailed my ex-wife to complain, who told me that I had to put it into my eyes, not drink it. The very next morning when I woke up my eye infection was completely gone! The painful itching, the burning, the infection, GONE! Is she correct and second did I do any damage to my eyes or to myself by using it undiluted directly into my eyes, or by drinking it? I am so relieved that my eye infection is gone, and hasn’t come back in two weeks, which is a record, but I am also worried that I may have damaged my eye not knowing how to use the medicine correctly?

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  • Healed My Cancer, Now What?

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have prostate cancer, diagnosed almost 3 years ago now - contained within the prostate - and confirmed by a second biopsy at the Royal Marsden just recently. As soon as I was diagnosed, my wife in support, joined me in going vegan and we embarked on our journey, following your programmes, encouraged and supported by two friends who had followed your advice. We have both lost a great deal of weight (me around 60 pounds) and my cholesterol levels now normal. I have been on “Active Surveillance” and during this 3-year period my PSA levels have fallen. I do want to rid myself of the small amount of cancer I have, so I can spread the word as someone whose body has healed itself. The Hippocrates Institute seems to have a good record of achievement in healing all manner of diseases just as you do. Is it a matter of just deciding which camp to follow or am I missing something here?

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