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Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • Can I Use Drugs?

    Friends, the following is an answer to a question from a customer, but it is such an important issue—and a question that I get asked by many of you EVERY WEEK—that I took a little more time on it and turned it into a valuable lesson for all of you. I hope this helps many of you make this very important decision.

    — Dr. Schulze

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  • My Clinic, My Patients & Natural Healing Including the Birth of SuperFood

    This is a very special video. If you are into Dr. Schulze, and hearing some great stories about his early clinic, and some of his patients’ healing miracles, and also hearing some unknown stories about the birth of his nutritional blender drinks and his SuperFood formula in the clinic, then you will love 30-minute up-close and personal moment with him. Great Natural Healing Principles and Evangelism!

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  • Oscar Winner Penelope Cruz Fights Pirates… And A Cold!

    Friends, as you know my clinics were in Hollywood and Malibu, California and at one time or another I worked with almost every famous Hollywood star, director, producer, etc. I never talk about them personally—NEVER—but occasionally some of them talk about me! You know me, I am very focused on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine but... at the same time I recognize that millions and millions of people read celebrity, star and fashion magazines and want to know what the stars are up to. So, I thought that from time to time I would post a few of these Dr. Schulze/Star stories that make the news, in case you missed them.

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