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Monthly Archives: August 2009

  • For Men Only!

    4-Minute Video: Men, take just four minutes and change your life! In this video I explain about my NEW Male “SHOT” formula and what it will do for you.

    Video Length: 3:46

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  • Sex, Sexuality & Relationships

    5-Minute Video: Friends, this video clip is the last five minutes of my new DVD. It is about sex, marriage and relationships. As I was watching it last night, I was so moved by my honesty—and I think this message is so important—that I decided to separate it out on the website for you to view all by itself.

    But, if sexual truth and honesty scares you, and the little profanity that I use to make my points offends you, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO CLIP!

    Video Length: 6:32

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  • My NEW Male “SHOT”

    45-Minute Video:
    My NEW Male “SHOT” is a very powerful SEXUAL STIMULANT herbal formula. It will get you very sexually aroused and stimulated. It will dramatically increase your sex drive and sexual urge. It will increase your male power, strength and the hardness of your erection and also the size of your erection. It will increase your sexual stamina and give you more explosive ejaculations.

    Video Length: 48:55

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