Dear Susan,

Letters like yours make all of my hard work worth it. If I can save just one child the horror of bowel disease, or worse, the horror of the medical and surgical treatment of bowel disease, it’s all worth it!

I often think how kids lives are changed for the worse—ACTUALLY RUINED—when parents go ahead with medical doctors’ suggestions of bowel resections and colostomy bags for teenagers. And medical doctors suggest this all the time! They are sooo… out of touch with reality and destroy a child’s entire life.

PLEASE, anyone reading this with a constipated child, just read the BLOG question I answered two weeks ago CLICK HERE if you haven’t read it yet. In this BLOG I lay out an entire constipation relief program for constipated kids with all the natural solutions and natural herbal medicines. Childhood constipation, no matter how extreme it may be, IS A VERY SIMPLE FIX!

I have even treated babies in my clinic with Hirshsprung’s disease, where the medical doctors say there is no hope because the babies are born without any nerve supply to the colon, and wanted to remove their bowels. Imagine that, a bowel removal on a baby—that’s criminal!

I have never had a patient that I couldn’t get to have normal bowel movements, whether 9 months old or 99 years old, no matter what their problem or disease, no matter how constipated—herbs induce normal bowel movements.

I won't say any more, Susan, because you said it all. I just want to thank you for being such a great Mom and keeping your boy as healthy as possible.

— Dr. Schulze