Dear Mindy,

Please forget the allergy testing, and keep your son away from these medical idiots! If they don’t know that a few simple herbs and foods will dramatically help your son, and cure his disease, then they are worse than idiots, they are dangerous ignorant medical doctors that will fumble around with your son until one day he will be seriously diseased and then they cut his colon out!

Yes! I have natural remedies for constipation that will work a miracle with your son, and end his constipation, and probably save him from a gastrointestinal nightmare like a life of digestive diseases, cancer and even a colostomy bag, but I must get you to meet me halfway by changing his food program too, which is the cause of his constipation.

As I talk about all the time, our level of health is a PERFECT REFLECTION of our GENETICS mixed with our LIFESTYLE. So not to blame it all on your cooking or your son’s eating, but for whatever reason he has also inherited a sluggish bowel. Well, as I always say, that’s water under the bridge and there is nothing we can do about genetics that were created 12 years ago. But, just because your son may be genetically prone to constipation, this does NOT mean that he has to live with it.

The first constipation home remedy I recommend, is change his food program so that it contains enough fiber, mucilage, roughage and other material so he has normal bowel movements. Then, we can also give him some herbs that will guarantee he has normal bowel movements, even if he eats cement.

First Things FIRST!

The first thing I must do is to make sure that your son starts having daily bowel movements. Regardless of his genetically weak colon and regardless of his food program, the last thing we want is your son getting sick, going to the hospital, having appendicitis or having a life-changing surgery nightmare like a colostomy, so let’s get him going immediately.

You ordered my natural constipation relief remedy, Intestinal Formula #1. Great start. How much to give him? Well, this answer is for EVERYONE reading this out there who is trying to figure out the dosage for kids, babies, or dogs or cats, or anyone or anything that is not an average adult about 150 pounds.

The safest way to decide dosage for kids is ALWAYS by WEIGHT. You simply take the child’s weight and make a fraction by putting it over 150 pounds, so in your case it would be 60/150 which reduces to about 1/3, which is close enough. So your son would take 1/3 of the adult dosage.

Also with kids, you have to start out a bit slow, because if you teach your son the laws of jet propulsion by giving him an overdose right out the gate, well, he may not forgive you and never take the herbs again.

So I would start him on about a ½ capsule (since his history of constipation) and increase this dosage by a ½ capsule daily until you reach the desired dosage that causes him to have daily bowel movements. If you need to, keep him out of school for a few weeks until you get him regulated. (OK, for the constipated and/or mathematically challenged out there, just pull open the capsule and pour half of the contents into a container. Save these herbs. Buy some empty capsules at your local health food store and you can encapsulate and use this leftover herbal powder later. )

Another great natural remedy for constipation that I made especially for children is my Intestinal Formula #3, which is a good tasting liquid version of my Intestinal Formula #1. Follow the same dosage rule with this formula also. This might be a better way for your son, try them both.

Again, our bowel movement goal to start is a minimum of one bowel movement per day. EVERY DAY!

What Does Your Son Eat?

I can imagine. Probably the typical, constipating, fiberless, American, animal food-based diet. I must tell you that the main food ingredient that makes us eliminate fecal waste is FIBER. This is why when people are constipated they eat a bran muffin, which is almost total fiber. Anyway, most people don’t know that there is NO FIBER in ANY ANIMAL FOOD!

That’s right, there is absolutely ZERO FIBER in any beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, dairy, eggs or any animal flesh or byproduct. So consequently, the typical American diet (being animal food-based) is very low in fiber and therefore, very constipating. The only foods that contain fiber are fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. This is why a Vegetarian-based food program promotes healthy elimination. You don’t run into many constipated vegetarians.

How to Induce a Bowel Movement?

An easy way to induce a bowel movement, is to introduce FIBER into your son’s food program, and more importantly into his colon, is my HerbalMucil Plus is my constipation relief remedy which will induce a bowel movement. It has no taste, and you can mix it into a fruit smoothie and he won’t even know it’s there. Just add a little water to the smoothie and have your son drink it right away, because if it sits around it may become too thick and turn into “jell-o”.

Required Reading

Mom, you MUST read Chapter 4, or my Detoxification: Volume Two book! It is only four pages long (pages 43–46) about natural constipation relief supplements for children and about a constipated 11-year-old boy. In fact, you MUST read my entire Bowel Detox section of this Detoxification book, from page 17–120. You can either call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) and ask for a FREE copy (just tell them I said you could have one from this BLOG posting) or just go over to the right margin of this BLOG right now (that has pictures of all of my books) and go down to what is currently the fourth book down, Detoxification: Volume Two, and just click on it. ALL of my books are FREE to read right on this BLOG! We paid a lot of money for this book reading software and it is really cool—so let’s use it.

Finally, The Food Program

So Mindy, PLEASE, we need to get your son eating better. Eating is NOT just about eliminating waste; it is about NUTRITION! Your son is only 11 years old; he is in his most formative years, building his body, building his mind and building his spirit. You MUST get him to understand that what he eats DIRECTLY feeds and builds his body and his mind. You MUST get him to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and all the other great nutritious foods. Take him to the health food store with you, let him browse around, let him take his time and let him buy what he might like. Take him to the local farmers’ market with you, and let him taste some of the food and meet the farmers and vendors. My son grew up going to the local farmers’ market.

And, start him on my SuperFood-100 immediately, which I made especially to give super nutrition to finicky kids. Later hopefully, you can introduce my SuperFood Plus into his smoothies.

I would rather see you take your son completely out of public or private school, and home school him the rest of this year. Get his bowel working normally, and get his food program healthy and nutritious. It will be the best education for his future that you can give him. He would never forget this gift. You will save his life!

— Dr. Schulze