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100% Herbal SuperSlim Formula

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100% Herbal SuperSlim Formula

Lose weight and feel great!

  • SUPPRESSES your appetite
  • BLOCKS the fat and carbs you eat
  • Helps you BURN more fat
  • GREAT for your home, office or car
  • Helps you ELIMINATE more waste
  • The fastest, easiest, healthiest and most EFFECTIVE 100% herbal formula

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36 packets / 13.4-grams each


Botanical Ingredients:

Dr. Schulze’s Appetite Suppressant Complex: Hoodia gordonii, HerbalMucil Plus (Psyllium Husk, Psyllium Seed, Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Aloe Vera Leaf); Dr. Schulze’s Fat and Carbohydrate Blocking Complex: Garcinia cambogia, Apple Pectin, White Bean, Bladderwrack, Kelp, Spirulina; Dr. Schulze’s Metabolic Stimulation Complex: Bitter Orange Peel, Green Tea Leaf, Ginger Root, Cayenne Pepper; Dr. Schulze’s Urinary Complex: Uva Ursi Leaf, Dandelion Leaf

How It Works

Dr. Schulze’s 4 Powerful Complexes

1 “Dual Action” Appetite SUPPRESSANT Complex

Hoodia gordonii

Hoodia gordonii interacts with your body’s chemistry and is known to block the chemical messaging system that gives you the desire to consume food, which reduces your appetite. Appetite suppression causes weight loss.

HerbalMucil Plus

The bulk fiber ingredients in HerbalMucil Plus will swell up in your stomach and FILL YOU UP! It is full of fiber and mucilage, not calories. This reduces hunger and suppresses your appetite, which causes weight loss.

2 “Dual Action” Fat and Carbohydrate BLOCKING Complex

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia contains natural plant chemicals that have been shown to block carbohydrate absorption, and prevent you from converting carbohydrates into body fat. It has also been shown to suppress the appetite and help you burn up existing fat.

White Beans

Plant chemicals in White Beans have been demonstrated to inhibit your body’s ability to break down carbohydrates and interfere with the digestion of carbohydrates and sugar, reducing carbohydrate and sugar-derived calories and reducing fat storage.

Apple Pectin

Soluble fibers are Fat Blockers. They simply bind to bile acids and form a thick mucilaginous and gelatinous solution that physically inhibits the absorption of fat and sugar.

Bladderwrack & Kelp

Seaweeds contain specific minerals and plant chemicals that offer Fibrous Fat-Blocking ability. They also cause Fat “Trapping” and they suppress Fat Absorption. The natural mineral content has also been shown to increase your Fat-Burning metabolism.

3Metabolic STIMULATION Complex

Green Tea

Green Tea is well known to stimulate your metabolism and your metabolic rate, which creates more heat in fat tissue and fat cells to help dissolve fat and burn fat up. It has been researched worldwide for this purpose in hundreds of studies showing that it decreases body-fat mass.

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange contains plant chemicals that stimulate the metabolism and the burning of fats. These chemicals have been shown to increase fat oxidation during exercise (and even at rest) so you become a more efficient fat-dissolving machine.

Cayenne Pepper & Ginger Rhizome

Spices like Cayenne and Ginger have been well documented to reduce food intake, curb the appetite, increase circulation and stimulate the metabolism, which increases fat oxidation (the burning up of fat) in the body. Studies have shown that they also decrease abdominal fat.

4 URINARY Complex

Dandelion Leaf & Uva Ursi Leaf

Both of these herbs work to help your elimination organs excrete more waste. Dandelion is one of the most bitter plants on the planet, and will stimulate and flush your liver. Uva Ursi Leaves have been used for centuries to stimulate the kidneys to excrete more urine.

Making Your SuperSlim Drink in 3 Easy Steps:

100% Herbal SuperSlim

Why You Need It

Your FAT doesn’t stand a chance with this unique 4-way approach that SUPPRESSES appetite, BLOCKS fat and carbs, BURNS more fat and ELIMINATES more water and waste weight!

Dr. Schulze

Dr. Schulze’s SUPERSLIM Formula works in 4 different ways for 4 times the SUCCESS…

1You Won’t Be Hungry! It Has Extremely Effective “Dual Action” Appetite SUPPRESSION

2 You Won’t Absorb All That You Eat! It Naturally BLOCKS Fats and Carbs

3 You Will Burn More Fat! It Naturally INCREASES Your Metabolism

4You Will Lose Even More Weight! It Naturally STIMULATES Your Elimination Organs


I was overweight at 168 pounds. I started the SuperSlim program three weeks ago. I don’t feel hungry and I have a lot of energy. Last week, I went to my doctor. He was surprised when he saw how much weight I had lost—18 pounds! He was amazed and asked what I was doing and I was very honest with him and told him about the program. I feel fantastic!

Ivonne G. in Los Angeles, CA

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